[Archive] The Pleasure Posse (Necromunda)


Well, then I got started on another project… This time it’s a Necromunda gang based on the daemonettes. I’ve always had something for the figures and I had to use them somehow - and since they don’t fit into my Witch Hunter army, this seemed like the perfect solution!

I’ve created a new gang - and it was a bit different as a Necromunda-virgin :wink:

Anyway, here’s the first picture of 6 out of my 7 Pleasure Seekers (gangers/mutants). By the 1st of September I’ll buy the figures for my Mistress (leader) and two Toxic Beauties (heavies) and later on I’ll need some ghouls (or…?) as Slaves (kinda like zombies)


I LIKE what you’ve done. although I do think the bolters are a bit big and I don’t know many necromunda armies that start out with one bolter let alone that many… (sure a leader can get one, but you’ve stated your leader isn’t done yet)

Kera foehunter:

Vaz. Those are so frinkin cool


Two_heads >> They count as laspistols… We only had bolters, but on the roster it’s laspistols :wink:

Kera >> Thank you very much :smiley:


Two_heads >> They count as laspistols... We only had bolters, but on the roster it's laspistols ;-)

Ah that makes a lot more sense, I wondered where the hell you were getting the points for them