[Archive] The prince of Blood


Has made the demon-prince. Wanted to make demon with a human face, more similar to the higher vampire. A material for a molding- TAMIYA EPOXY PUTTY. Сarcasses  - a copper wire. Wings are taken from other model of a demon and are corrected to the necessary form by means of a molding.

I show the ended work. The prince of Blood

Height of a figure of 100 mm, a base of 60 mm



Woah… this is good. really good.


This is a demon prince!

Great sculpture.

A little bit “vampire” but that’s what you were looking for…

If I wanted to really look for a defect (but really, really, really :wink: ) I would point you the shape of the calf guard.

It is too straight and does not follow the natural shape of the leg. The result is a very large ankle.

But nobody will notice, it’s a great sculpture :slight_smile:


Wow this is really nice! I like he nconventional approach to a daemon prince too.