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Ikkred Pyrhelm:

Decided to try my hand at writing for another race than my usual Skaven and Gobbos. Hopefully this should end up a nice little saga, though my updating schedule is usually slower than magma on a cold day. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Rat and the Bull - Introduction

�?oNow this, this is the way to live.�?�

The dark bearded dwarf was lying back on a mound of verminous corpses and took another mouthful of dark liquid from a small metal flask.

His gangly companion was still peering nervously into darkness of the tunnels and did not answer right away. The dwarf snorted and dug a blackened fingernail around one of his tusks and prised out a scrap of meat. He inspected it for a moment as if trying to remember what he had eaten in the past few days; he shrugged slightly and flicked it away.

�?oI said, Nibtrik, this is the way to live. Don�?Tt ye agree?�?�

�?oSure boss�?� muttered the hobgoblin, not taking his eyes from the darkness. The rough camp fire that the two had made crackled slightly in mirth. The site of the Skaven ambush was twisted with ghastly looking shadows from the light of the fire, not that the Dwarf of Chaos seemed to mind.

�?oBoss? Yer sure we shuld stay ere? Wot if more of �?~em show up?�?�

�?oThen we kill them too.�?�

The dwarf lifted one of the fallen weapons and casually inspected it by the light of the fire. His meaty fist tightened and the metal of what possibly was a sword, crumpled. He threw the ruined weapon aside.

�?oTsk, ye would think these rats would grasp simple forging? Even ye could make better swords than these…by Hashut…I can�?Tt even think of a word to describe this excuse of a weapon.�?� He snorted and poked at the fire with the remains of what might have been a spear. �?oWe should only be worried if their weapons glow green�?� he said at last, �?othe ratfolk seem a mite bit addicted to solidified magic, Warpstone wasn�?Tt it?�?�

Nibtrik muttered an affirmative, his thin paw still close to his blade. The dwarf had resumed picking at his teeth. �?oI doubt we�?Tll see much Warpstone weapons for a while, probably more dangerous to their wielders anyway. Knowing these Skaven even they shouldn�?Tt give us too much grief.�?� As if for emphasis the dwarf rapped a knuckle on his heavy plated armour.

The hobgoblin wondered for a moment if he should point out that he wasn�?Tt anywhere as well armoured as the Chaos Dwarf was, but decided against it. Staying on the dwarf�?Ts better side was the only chance Nibtrik had to make it out alive. The thought of red eyes still lurking in the shadows was one of the main reasons Nibtrik hadn�?Tt abandoned his master. Most of the other reasons were what the dwarf would do to him when he inevitably caught him again.

The dwarf took another glug from his flask. �?oI suppose we had better head on soon,�?� he chuckled, �?onot that I have much hope for this…survey. The metal seams thus far have been…disappointing. But we�?Tll see. We�?Tll see.�?�

He turned his gaze back to the fire that continued to dance as it consumed what wood still lingered within its flame.

�?oBut for now, this is the way to live.�?�


Quite nice. Will look forward to more as it comes


Great start! Full of laidback confidence and many good details. So it’s both Skaven and Gobbos usually you write about, eh? Sounds like the mother of all subterranean wars are brewing. :wink:

Ikkred Pyrhelm:

Cheers both! :slight_smile:

Sorry it’s been a while before I replied.

@Abeceder: Many thanks, i’ll see how many I can churn out.

@Admiral: Thank ye, admittedly the majority of my writing is about Skaven, but I had a lot of fun in a Bugman’s campaign as a goblin trader who now makes numerous cameos. I did have a few pieces on the line of the dwarf-thing Drekki Ironhelm, whose grandfather’s brewery was destroyed by Skaven leading to him taking the Slayer’s Oath and dying to a frost dragon (Slayer Brotherhood campaign) leaving his forebears without his brewing recipes. But yeah, I be more at home cackling insanely and throwing lightning at things. :stuck_out_tongue: