[Archive] The Royal Game of Zhur


I know its a bit late for the Artisans Comp but here is something I was inspired to mash up, The Royal Game of Ur (Sumerian board game) with a Chaos Dwarf twist…

Tried to make the rules similar to the common rules, figured this was less complicated than the Will of Hashut board game I worked on, but might still be interesting to anyone who wants to try…


Nice take on it! Particularly the colours and board square symbols.


Weird. You say exact rolls are required, yet every roll only advances a model one square?


yeah sorry just made it rather quickly, I could do more work on it like adding other models and rules for them… but meh.
the rules from Master of Games:
The Rules / Instructions of The Royal Game of Ur

0 - move 4 squares
1 - move 1 square
2 - move 2 squares
3 - move 3 squares
5. If a counter lands on a rosette, throw the dice again (and again if another rosette is landed upon). The same piece need not be moved on the additional throw.
6. Pieces can be moved onto the board at any stage of the game as long as the square that is moved to upon the first turn is vacant.
7. A player must always move a counter if it is possible to do so but if it is not possible, the turn is lost.
8. Exact throws are needed to bear pieces off the board.

Probably could have reworded it, all it means is that if a model has 2 spaces before the exit you must roll a 3 and be able to move the exact number of squares. hope that helps