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I have been sick recently :sick and I’m in bed alot so I have been reading more than gda of warhammer books a day. If you remember a while ago I posted about the second ed books I bought that’s what I’ve been reding mostly. I really have taken a shine to the slann empire and have started a little project on my phone in bed.

I’m not a great rules writer so be gentle.

Here’s some fluff more us welcome and feel free to critisize.

The slann empire

Strait from the second edition

The slann are a unique race in the known world. Their   

Slann civilisation resembles that of the ancient Aztecs of Mexico.

Slann are a semi aquatic anpihibian species, quite at home in the water. They are adept artisans capable of constructing vast buildings of stones, despite lacking many of the tools and skills known to old worlders. Their native tongue is a degenerate version of old slann language.

The slann are slavers and are obbsessed with control they have at their disposal tens of thousands perhpaps even hundreds of thousands of lobotomised slave warriors. Even the lowliest slann warriors can boast ownership of half a dozen braindead slaves.

Slann fight in massed blocks of infantry comprising of expendable infantry.


The dawn of creation

-c 15,000 the old ones arrive in lustria and start a colony. During this period the slann are brought as servants on the oldones ships. The old ones move the continents and change the climate.

-c 13,000 this is the time when the lizardmen were created to build the cities and lay the foundations of the new empire. Some slann were pleased with their new servants but some felt betrayed and their loyalty waned.

-c 10,000

The first cities are founded on lustria and the skink take up postitions once held by slann. A few slann, mages mostly take up a demigod status among the lizardmen and new slann are spawned into aristocratic positions while most slip away in bands into the jungle cursing the old ones.

The old ones spawn yet more slann and begin to create the races of the old world. During this time the old ones create the pterachauc to work in the mountains of the world.

The slann that fled the temple cities now have reverted to the traditions of their home world and begin to once again worship old gods in the felts of the jungle.


The slann instigate strife among the terrachauc as they begin to build a great city on the oppisite side of the mountains. The terachauc are pushed back over the mountains but the old ones refuse to destroy their misguided children saying they are part of some great plan and so the slann are left alone.

The night of sorrow

-c5600 to -c4500

The polar warp gates collapse and the world enters an apocalyptic war for survival. 

Millions of saurus are sent to fight the demons of chaos but they are pushed back and the tide evil keeps coming.

The new slann city slanachitalan is attacked by demons but in a ferocious show of defiance the slann bring their full might to bear, arming hundreds of ancient cannon and lighting guns they obliterate the demonic horde. This battle marked the birth of the greatest slann hero in history and in but a few years the young commander monteza lauched an offesive against the demons in the mountains.

The resulting battle was epic, the stuff of legends it is here that slann make the stand that will change their race forever. It is said that monteza armed with a divine bow that fired the light of the heavens slew over seven hundred greater demons. As the battle reached it’s climax the pterachauc arrived to aid the slann and swore fealty to them in return for protection.

By the end of the battle hundreds of thousands of corpses littered the field, hundreds of the great unreplacable warmachines of the slann were gone and so was monteza. Some say he went to close the southern gate and will return for the slann’s last battle.

The slann begin a brutal campaign to rid the jungle of mutants and sacrifice them on altars of war.


The new morn


The slann rebuild their empire but they become fearful of technology and leave to mages to control it.

The slann are discovered by the high elves and attempt to communicate but this to violence and the elves are overwhelmed and become the first lobotomised slaves.


New races are discovered in the swamps and grasslands like culuchan and leeches and all are put to use by the slann. 

The terrachauc build outposts for the slann high in the mountains and a new race the skrill and insect race begin to fortify the empire with their knowledge if earth works and building.

It is during this period that the slann discover a horrible secret about their own flesh and blood. In the south the slann outpost of buliwauhg is corrupted with chaos and it’s inhabitants are driven out becoming chaos slann or buliwaugs.


the slann elect an emperor in the form of the Mage montezala and worship him as a god.


The slann are attacked by a massive fleet of dark elves but repulse at the battle of the sunken citidal. Which marks the begging of the construction of the slann fleet.


The buliwaugs return and with the aid of the snake people attack the slann empire from the south.  The slann send their armies and the battle rages for days until the buliwaugs retreat but the towns of galpa, nuala, beokan are destroyed.

890 the Norse attack the slann citidal of giyamoa and take many artifacts in the process. The slann reaction is swift and cruel as in skeggi whole families are dragged of by pterachauc at night to become mindless slaves.


The slann fleet sets sail towards nippon and Cathay and take many slaves.

During one of these raids the slann encounter the fleet of the dragon emperor and the largest naval battle in history ensues resulting in a stalemate.

1580 the slann launch an expidition to khemri in ancient submersibles. They enslave many desert tribes and raid the temples of that ancient nation, earning the emnity of the tomb kings.


A combined cathayan and nippomese force attacks the slann empire and set an outpost off lustria that is still contested to this day.

1700 slann forces attack ind and lay sieng to the city of xzylon until a force of chaos dwarfs drives them off and lay siege to the city them selves.

1800 slann and chaos dwarf submersibles meet on the coast of the darklands resulting in slann victory and the capture of hundreds of chaos dwarfs and troglagob mariners as well as three submersibles.

1850 the battle of the five fleets a slann armada destined for the southlands is blocked by a high elf fleet the resulting battle attracts chaos dwarf slavers and a huge khemrian fleet. The four fleets fight in a huge mess of a battle and then with a volley of cannon fire cathayan dragon boats lay waste to dozens of vessels. After eight days of fighting the chaos dwarfs retreat their holds full of slaves and half their fleet destroyed. The slann flee pursued by cathayan forces leaving the the high elves and khemrians locked in a bitter fight. 

The sea here is littered with wrecked ships and submersibles it is unknown why the vessels don’t sink.


The slann sign a treaty with the khemri and return their tresures in return for a steady supply of slaves.

Black ships pull into slanchitilan annualy bring hundreds of slaves and the slann recover items of khemri in return.


The skrill uneareth an extensive ruin far beneath the earth. Slann mages and their private armies have delved into the depths to try and find the cities secrets but none have returned. The skrill insist that it was built by a race long forgotton before the old ones and some have begun to worship the ruins themselves.  


Itinerant poet felix jeager writes about seeing froglike creatures and bands of dead looking humans marching towards the coast in ind.


Slann adventures and tresures seekers attack brettonia but are repulsed at the battle of st deimes monastery. 


Montezala now named the eternal emperor orders an attack on the darklands to stop chaos dwarf cannon coming into the hands of archaons hordes. The raid is succesfull but the raiders are never seen again. It is rumoured that montezala has laid plans to invade the lands of naggaroth and norsca in an effort to halt the spread of chaos.


The troops


Slann warriors 6pts per/model 


 4.  4.   3. 3 4 1 4 1 8 brave

 4.  5.   3. 4 4 2 4 2 9 leader

Wargear: spears.

Unit size: 10-20

Special rules: aquatic

Poison darts: attacks made with blowpipes count as poisoned attacks.


Unit may be equipped with shields for 2pts per model.

Unit may be equipped with hand weapons for 1pt per model.

Unit may replace their spears with blowpipes for 2pts a model.

Unit may include a standard bearer for 8pts.

Unit may include a musician for 10pts.

Unit may be equipped with light armour for 1pt permodel

Unit may include a leader for 12pts.

Unit may replace spears with slings for no extra cost. 

Slann wariors form the bulk of any slann army. They are not in any way specialised in the art of warfare but there draconian cruelty and disregard for any warm blooded code of honour often ferries them to victory.

Slann stand about 6ft tall and are thin and upright.   

Lobotomised slaves 1pt per model


 3.  2.   2 3. 2 1 2 1 10 slave

Wargear: hand weapons.

Unit size: 20+

Special rules:

Stupity: Lobotomised slaves are subject to stupidity.

Unbreakable: lobotomised slaves are unbreakable.

Unlucky encounter: every turn role a d6 for each lobotomised slave unit in your army if the number you role is higher than 12 they cause fear for the rest of the turn as their enemies find themselves staring into the blank blood filled eyes of there once compatriots.

On a 16+ they cause terror as their enemies see all to many familier faces among the lobotomised horde. 


A slann preist must accompany The unit for 30pts

Lobotomised slaves may be equipped with light armour for 1pt per model. 

Lobotomised slaves may not be the best troops but numbers count and there’s enough of these in the slann empire to storm middenheim twice. To make up for there dwindling armies they captured humans, lobotomised, castrated, and filled with various drugs to keep them in an aggressive state of mind.   

leech swarm


 4. 3   0. 2 2 6 2 6 8 swarm

 4. 4.   0. 3. 4 3 3 2 8 brood queen

Unit size: 1-6 bases

Special rules

Brood queen: this giant leech leads the swarm. Select one base to contain a brood queen. Every turn role 1d6 the number rolled is the number of bases spawned by the brood queen these bases must be palace within an 8" radius of the brood queen. Once the brood queen is slain this abillitt is gone.

Ambush: units of leechs may be deploy in tree areas each area has a capacity of one unit. Note that you do not actually show the models until you attack just take note of which area they are in. When an enemy comes within charging distance of the trees the leeches immediatly attack the enemy.       

Swarm: leech swarm is a swarm as shown in the warhammer rulebook.

Small: leech swarm is small as shown in the warhammer rulebook.


Well, I love that you mention the snakemen.

My principle criticism of your fluff is the idea that the Slann are in fact the premier naval power on the world of Warhammer. Doesn’t really fit, in my view.

What are these other races you mention? (Skrill, Pterehaucs etc?) Were they in second edition?


The reason I mentioned other races Ie skrill and pterachauc is to fit into the slann’s idea of slavery and I figured why not put in something more intelligent than a human with half a brain.

They weren’t in 2nd e by I thought they fit nicly with lustrias climate as they are essetially bugs and reptiles.

The slann have no real other power outlet in the world than the sea they seek slaves but cannot capture these slaves in lustria so must venture out to find them. Also there is the oppenent thing were if they were to challenge the lizardmen directly they would be destroyed so I just decided to make a few enemies overseas. It would be a bit cheesy if every time it was the slann that were the ones bein invaded.

I was not intending from the to look like a naval power just an unexpected and crafty group of raiders who have accsess to old tech.

Thommy H:

2 points/model for WS, T, and I 4 and Ld 8? :o

Your basic troops should be 5 or 6 points base - probably more like 8 with the stuff they come with.


So you invented those races yourself? They sound cool, got anything more on them? I did a ton of stuff for the snakemen a while ago now.

The crafty raiders thing sounds a lot more suitable, I was confused when you had them taking on the Cathayan fleet in an enormous pitched battle, didn’t seem to fit the trend. :wink:

Looking over your rules: doesn’t a rule that spawns 1D6 swarm bases per turn seem a bit unmanageable?

Edit: An idea! Back when I was last heavily into creating rules (as a co-campaign convenor for my gaming groups campaign) I used to go to Hammer & Anvil. It’s a whole site dedicated to rules creation for Warhammer: you’ll probably learn a lot more from their expert advice than from people who invent rules solely to play their near-dead army! :stuck_out_tongue:


The skrill

a skrill spawn warrior stands about six foot tall and is covered in spiked carapace from head to toe (talon). The skrill are often dark colours fitting in with their burrowing nature, they have a natural sense of weight and stability which makes them ideal builders and engineers. The skrill are loyal to their brood mothers but seeing as the brood mothers “willingly” serve the slann empire so do the skrill. Skrill often pick up small metal objects and embed them in their carapace as a sign of power.

The skrill Were possibly once simple insects but were changes by old one science into intelligent humaniods.


Leech swarm

leech swarm 10 pts per base


 4. 3   0. 2 2 6 2 6 8 swarm

 4. 4.   0. 3. 4 3 3 2 8 brood queen

Unit size: 1-6 bases

Special rules

Brood queen: this giant leech leads the swarm. Select one base to contain a brood queen. Every turn that the brood queen lives add 1 base, these bases must be palace within an 8" radius of the brood queen. Once the brood queen is slain this abillitt is gone.

Ambush: units of leechs may be deploy in tree areas each area has a capacity of one unit. Note that you do not actually show the models until you attack just take note of which area they are in. When an enemy comes within charging distance of the trees the leeches immediatly attack the enemy.       

Swarm: leech swarm is a swarm as shown in the warhammer rulebook.

Small: leech swarm is small as shown in the warhammer rulebook.

New and improved


The pterachauc

these large reptile avians were once a smaller cousin of the lustrian terradon, but when the old ones created saurus and skinks they found that these creatures coldent survive the high altitudes on which various stations and towers were required. So the old ones created pterachauc an humaniod terradon like creature to do there masters bidding were others could not. These creatures were not the most learned or interested in science or logic and they instead turned there attention to rreligion and superstition.

During the collapse of the polar warp gates these creatures were left by the old ones to fend for themselves and they would have been destroyed utterly if they had not asked the more technologicly advanced slann for help.

The pterachauc stand about seven foot tall and sport a pair of fleshy wings on the back of their arms. Pterachauc ussualy have a light clay colour but they have been known to change colour due to a change in altitude.


I think that the Lobotomised slaves are way to cheap for Ld 10 and unbreakable.

but i realy like your fluff


The slann

the slann themselves stand at about 6ft and are generally quite slim. They are known for peircings and tatooos as well numerous forms of Intentional deformaty such as flattened heads or lower lips that drop like beards over thir chins. Slann males tend to get more and more peircings and tatooos as they age and some ancient slann are obscured beneath a canopy of ink and pin. Females are expected to rap their hands in tight rope until they break and heal in a smaller leaner shape.

Slann are power hungry and love control, they delight in being incharge. From early ages slann will dominate those around them and become good at controlling others. Slann love having slaves and will take great satisfaction in watching others toil for them. Some slann exploit this power lust and sell lobotomised slaves by the dozen every day. The slann assume control over skrill and pterachauc and often need a sharp reminder that these race although bound to serve have the right to choose and are imperial citizens.