[Archive] The Slow Death of TheVoice's Wallet (My Army Blog)


The main purpose of this blog to to ensure I do something with the stuff I’ve just unexpectedly parted with money for. Having an empty army blog would be humiliating, right?

When my exams are over in early June, I plan to start converting my Dragon Isles Army, which I dreamed up a long time ago. So you guys can all share the joy of my first encounters with greenstuff, ebay, begging for Bitz and the like that my bought-off-ebay vanilla big-hat army never necessitated.

What fun! :wink:


Can you give us a basic recap of your final ideas rather than having to trawl through the thread ( who said i hasn’t)

What are you using as hobogoblins? Goblins? Orc? Skinks and all manner of other lizardmen?

Are they going to be mask style or big hats?

Are you going to have a Kollosus like the one that Warplock Monkey suggested?

And have you thought about making Bolt-throwers from the one that you get from the stegadons, if your going lizardman theme?

And how are you planning on basing them?



1) Hope to convert hobgoblins to use as hobgoblins, with lizards taking the place of ordinary greenskins.

2) Masks. I have a big hat army already.

3) I’m not planning on one at the moment, it is probably a bit out of my league modelling wise.

4) The stegadon bow might be good for a bolt thrower, I hadn’t given it much thought. I’m planning on putting a war machine (probably a Death Rocket or an Eruption Gun, depending on the list I use) on a stegadon if I can afford and model one.

5) Thinking of using fish-tank vegetation on the bases, as suggested in the thread.

I’ll probably bug you guys for colour schemes once I have my guys converted, too.


Could such guys fit to your jungle theme? With another paint scheme it will look great - imo! :smiley:

What do you think?

The lizards are from Scotia Grendel - link! - the advantage is that the models aren’t very expensive and that they have a huge variety of other lizard minis! And such models can be a real enrichment for every CD army!



Wow, those look sweet. Thanks for the link!


I’m giving slaves just for the name of this thread. EPIC.


Thank. Sadly (and somewhat ironically) two days after founding this I reached the end of my overdraft. So I’m presently sitting on a load of arms and shields with no plastic dwarfs to convert. Plus, I lost three metal figures I shelled out 15 quid for. Sad times. :frowning: Warhammer will resume when money returns! :slight_smile: