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Hi all,
this is the start of a very slow-burning fuse sort of project. I’m building a Khemrian army, but during the great dig to find missing cavalry bases I unearthed my existing CD artillery together with my sole Whirlwind. The full list of items located includes:
1 Earthshaker + 3 crew
1 Whirlwind missing its boar centaur, which will inevitably be in some other box
1 Murlakk Chaos Dwarf bombard (counts as Earthshaker) conversion (sans crew).
1 plastic Chaos Dwarf, painted but needs rebasing as it is for some strange reason on a 25mm square base. :h

Don’t wait up for progress - I’ll slot these into the Khemrian paint list for a spot of variety. But I’ll at least try to take pics of the Murlakk tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

sound good do you have a chaos dwarf style your going to do

Hashut’s Blessing:

Sounds good to me. Any plans for making the rest of the army?


Kera, you’re right, I forgot to say anything about CD style. And this links in with a reply to Hashut’s Blessing too: it depends solely on what I own.
That is to say, around three units and characters (+ the Earthshaker and a Lammasu) of big hats, and some 3 units of Hoblygobblies, to which I could add some four or five more units of Orc slaves. And a Bloodbowl team, which is going to have to fit into the army somehow.
As for the older CDs, I own around 8 single models, besides the Whirlwind. The Murlakk thingy (by the way, Murlakk is a Maltese corruption of a Turkish word for a large type of bombard, which I thought sounds suitable CDish) was originally intended to be a Hellcannon, but I subsequently preferred to make it a more conventional and less daemonic thingy, so it’s now a counts-as Earthshaker. But it’s style is closer to the more modern CDs (it also includes the spikey collar part from the 40K Chaos vehicle crew also used by someone else - saw the pic somewhere and cannot find it again).
So to cut the waffle, the style will be centred on bighats with a transition to more barbaric allied chaos tribes (and extra-added hobs and orcs) - a bit like Xerxes’ army of a thousand nations. To enforce this, I might add the odd wandering barbarian mercenary, an Ogre or two, and (just for show, and not game purposes) an ambassador from Khemri (all made up to avoid the undeadly look) and a slave trader from the Dark Elves. And some weirder stuff, I hope…

As regards more game-specific composition - well, mainly foot troops supported by some (2 Earthshakers?!?) artillery; my only concession to cavalry will be a small unit of Hobgob wolf riders (and the Lammasu, I guess). I’ll probably try the counts-as-Dwarf-army trick, so I’ll be keeping these requirements in mind too.

PS - and a cake eater, perhaps? :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

yea!!! more Mercenary wooo hoooo this sounds so cool .

barbarian mercenary the best!!

i like it Vanvlak


yea!!!!! more Mercenary wooo hoooo this sounds so cool .
barbarian mercenary the best!!
i like it Vanvlak

Kera foehunter
Thank you Kera :)

Here's the Murlakk (still incomplete, and of course without paint):

And with a stunt CD for size:

Kera foehunter:

Thats so cool !!! i like it

now you nees some slaves to push it


Very interesting take on CDs. I suggest you put the wussy Khmeri army on the back burner adn focus on these guys! :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking good and sounds good. if you use a cake eater Vanvlak, why not enter Kera’s Cake Competition? :smiley: That Murlakk looks as though it’s converted from the Battering Ram siege engine for games of Warhammer Siege. Am I right? Looks good either way. How will you go about obtaining models for the CD regiments? Will you try to poach eBay Big Hats and/or Marauders or will you convert your own? It sounds like you have a lot of greenskins is all (with which there is no problem, but you need some core, eh?).


Thanks Kera :slight_smile:
Willmark - the wussies have the advantage of a simple colour scheme, which means I can paint a 2000point army for October’s national Tournament :slight_smile:
H’s Blessing - my core is lacking numbers, as I only have (if I remember correctly, have to dig deep to get the CDs out) 3 units - 2 axes and one Blunderbusses. I’m currently checking all model shops on the island (er - 3) for CDs (2 down, one to go) and will then probably opt for conversion, based on Dwarfs.
And yes, your guess on the Murlakk is correct. As for the competition - trouble is I have no concept of - er - the cake-eater so far, let alone the cake. But I’m thinking… (yes, that does happen on rare occasions).

By the way, help please? What size of base should a Whirlwind have? Chariot size or smaller? Thanks :slight_smile:


Seeing that I have very generously been given slaves, I guess I’m now duty bound to show them to you. I’ve started with biggish chaps - these Ogres are not sure whether they’re mercenaries or captives, but as long as they get to fight and eat they’re not too badly off…

… although some of them have Firemouths of magic metal replacing their hands - these snap at everything in range and can give off small jets of magical flame (oh dear, flash on the beard)…

…whilst others still are joined to weird contraptions (and look, he’s walking in the air - anyone seen a snowman or an Irn Bru? - anyway, this still needs some work).

I REALLY should be getting back to my Khemrians… :o

Kera foehunter:

like your slaves or handy men lol

yea i have to get some of them ogre they look handy laying around the ship… I will probly get some of the lead blecher for my dow

Hashut’s Blessing:

You’ve more core than I have :smiley: How many axemen and how many blunderbussers? yay for my guess. As for the cake-eater, it’s me :smiley: You can make the model based on the impression that you get of me or you could go to the thread and use the picture from there to help. Whirlwind would go on a chariot base, but that’s only if you wish to put it on a base.

I like the metal-head mouths on his hands. Pretty cool (might need to do that for a possessed or something for 40k


You've more core than I have :D How many axemen and how many blunderbussers? ...

Kera, good pun with the "hand"y men :P

Hashut's Blessing
Agreed - I guess they now have a name: Hashut's Handymen... :o

Hashut's B:
well, I did omit the numbers - the larger axe unit is largish, the smaller around 10; and the 'busses do not number more than a dozen, so I'm really down to one DECENT core unit. I really have to dig them out from storage to get a decent count.
40K - I thought about making this chap flexible enough to use for both the CDs and for the Lost and the Damned, but it was a case of too little or too much, so I left him in primitive glory. Hint for 40K: eliminate the belly plate and replace it with something modern - say a tank wheel, or a bike hub, or tank hatch - I used am old Ork Dreadnought hatch for an old conversion and it fitted perfectly.
The alignment of the club hand - agreed; I found at least 4 errors which need correction from the photos! That's what I hate most about taking pics.... :sick
The cake, yes, I'd figured that out, I just have no idea what to do about it. Unless..... oh no, that would be dreadful..... :o


The theme of your army sounds great! Love the word ‘Murlakk’ sounds very appropriate indeed! :cheers:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Hashut’s Handymen it is :smiley:

Well, I can field two units of 15 BBs or 3 units of 10, he he he.

I agree that it would have either looked to 40k for Fantasy or not 40K enough for, you guessed it, 40k. Sounds good with the suggestions you made :smiley: I might just build plate armour (or take chunks of tank-reminiscent armour) to cover it as body armour instead of a “gut-wheel” type thing :wink:

As for the errors, that is an advantage of pictures. It helps you to improve, eh?

You COULD do that, but I almost hope not :D. After all, for a most gruesome death competition, I considered a Slaaneshi Greater Daemon “'aving it orf” with a man and it sticking out his mouth. Can’t get more gruesome than that…

puppet gathering:

they look great i like the searthshaker thing and those ogres look awesome


they look great i like the searthshaker thing and those ogres look awesome

puppet gathering
Oi, who woke me up from my slumber :hashut:hashut:mad:)

Thanks Puppet Gathering :cheers

I guess I REALLY should register some progress....


that’s an awesome tenderizer model… especially with the ogre grafted to the cart… Incredible.


Well, you’ve all seen glaciers progress at a faster rate than my army, but here’s something painted at last. And obviously, it’s not the models shown above…

Chaos dwarfs - a new style. The stunt skellie is for scale purposes.

The tail end - no prizes for guessing how they were constructed. I was going to greenstuff-over the fist, but decided it would be even weirder this way.