[Archive] "The Sons of Darkness" LOA 3500pts


Playing a battle vs Empire on Monday with a 700 point Monster/Magic allowance.  My opponent loves to field the new Lore of Light chariot thingy, cannons, war alters, and is a big fan of bound spells.  Anyway this is the list i have come up with.

The 103rd Centuria “The Sons of Darkness” 3499pts

Erridupizir The Golden, Sorcerer-Prophet of Hashut 635pts


Level 4 Wizard (Lore of Hashut)

Black Hammer of Hashut

Talisman of Preservation


Blood of Hashut


Bale Taurus

Erridupizir Madhammer, Dark Castellan 212pts


Mask of the Furnace

Ironcurse Icon

Great Weapon



Kuk-Nashur The Mad Deamonsmith of Hashut 145pts

Level 1 Wizard (Lore of Fire or Metal)

Chalice of Blood and Darkness

Mar-biti-aplasur The Fallen, Deamonsmith of Hashut 120pts

Level 1 Wizard (Lore of Fire or Metal)

Charmed Shield

Dispel Scroll

24 Infernal Guard, The Madhammers 437pts

Full Command

Razor’s Standard

Great Weapon

-Deathmask with pistol

(BSB here)

12 Infernal Guard, The Children of Fire 224pts

Standard & Musician


12 Infernal Guard, The Dathabam of Flame 224pts

Standard & Musician


Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher, Isfandiyar 100pts

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher, Rustam 100pts

Magma Cannon, Simurgh145pts

Magma Cannon, Zaal 145pts

K’daai Destroyer, Gilgamesh 325pts

K’daai Destroyer, Enkidu 365pts

Brazen Wings

4 Fimir Warriors 315pts

Fimir Noble

The idea is that my opponent will hopefully be more afraid of my K’daai and focus on them just long enough to allow my General to get into combat. The great weapon+razor’s standard will hopefully chop through anything from steam tanks to knights of any caliber, while my Fireglaive units lay down fire and flank whatever charges my Madhammers.  I pray that i get Ash Storm so my general and K’daai will delete units off the board.  The Fimir will hopefully get into the fray early and take out any war machines lurking around. The Deamonsmiths will hang out with my war machines which will cover my advance.

Anyway what do you folks think, does it look/sound feasible or is it rubbish?  I am thinking of dropping the Fimir and Razor Horns for another K’daai but i figure two is cheesy enough.


Changed up the list to try out some units i have yet to use. It looks something like this now.

The 103 Centuria “The Sons of Darkness” LoA 3.5K


> Erridupizir The Golden, Sorcerer-Prophet of Hashut

General, Level 4 Wizard (Lore of Hashut), Black Hammer of Hashut, Dragon Helm, Talisman of Preservation, Scroll of Shielding, Blood of Hashut, Pistol, Bale Taurus


> Cyaxares Madhammer Keeper of the Flame

BSB, Mask of the Furnace, Ironcurse Icon, Great Weapon

> Kuk-Nashar The Mad Deamonsmith

Level 1 Wizard (Lore of Fire), Chalice of Blood and Darkness

> Mar-biti-aplasur The Fallen Deamonsmith

Level 1 Wizard (Lore of Fire), Dispel Scroll


> 29 Infernal Guard “The Madhammers”

Full Command, Great Weapons, Razor Standard

> 2x20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats “The Fodder”

Musician & Standard, Bows, Shields


> 2x5 Bull Centaur Renders “Hashut’s Begotten”

Musician, Extra Hand Weapons

> 2x Deathshrieker Rocket Launchers “Isfandiyar & Rustam”

> 2x Magma Cannons "Simurgh & Zaal"




>K’daai Destroyer “Enkidu”

Brazen Wings

>K’daai Destroyer "Gilgamesh"

Played this list against Empire yesterday and it turned into a bloody battle with each side loosing a unit per turn. It went until turn 5 then we ran out of time. I will post a battle report, but the highlights include:

1) my Sorcerer-Prophet making it through the the whole battle and taking out 3 units including Balthasaar Gelt and a Luminaran :hat off

2) Both of my Destroyers being taken out by single cannon shots x.x

3) My Hobgoblins taking out a Hellfire Volley Gun before it could even shoot :sick

4) My artillery taking out a unit of 48 halberdiers in 2 turns

5) One of my Deamonsmiths taking out a unit of Huntsman with Flickering Fire in two turns

6) Misfires and failed Ld tests up the wazzoo (by me :o)

7) Dominating the magic phase for the first time in 3 years :hat off