[Archive] the start of the Black Fire legion

Tarrakk Blackhand:


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Kera foehunter:

the gw store are on the coast there to scared to come inland!!!

the unheard one:

that might be true

sorry but there will be no pics tonight but i will try to get some for you all tomarrow evening as 1. i cannot get a camera at the moment and 2. I am going to GW tomarrow

the unheard one:

all i need to do now is paint them so here you go

unit 1





lord with hobgoblins in the back


a pic of them all together


hope you all like if you have any advice for me please tell

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks great so far. It’s always hard to see what’s going on in the group shots though.


Go on! :hat

I´m furthermore curious to see them painted!

And also which colour scheme you will finally use! :stuck_out_tongue:


Kera foehunter:

great army!!!TUO i love your choise in weapons

the unheard one:

sorry about the wait but was busy with my Golden hat entry

here’s some pics of it










Looking pretty cool. Looks like you might’ve gotten some historical inspiration.

Looks like it’s got a bit of a demon in it.


Not bad, unheard one. My GH entry is also made from that canon :stuck_out_tongue:

Kera foehunter:

great job i like your choice in colors!i like the war machine !!

the unheard one:

yes it is demonic. you cannot probably not see it but the metal on the canon is actullay purpleish hinge to it. I have it designed as a four barrelled blunderbuss canon but i use it as a death rocket or an organ gun.

Kera foehunter:

that would work well for the death rocket

i also like the lava design base to

the unheard one:

Wow it’s been a while not much painted but here we go.

Full Army

Warrior unit 1

Warrior unit 2

Sneaky Gits

Bull Centaurs

Hobgoblins unit 1

Hobgoblins unit 2

very large blunderbuss unit

Hobgoblin archers 1

Hobgoblin archers 2

Hobgoblin archers 3

Big hat warriors

Bazukaa team

Sorceror 1

Sorceror 2

Sorceror 3