[Archive] the start of the Black Fire legion

the unheard one:

Hi here is my army so far this is my first ever attempt at greenstuff sorry about the bad pics

heres my first unit and lord





close up on the lord


hobgoblin archers


goblin spearmen


still to be done



warriors with great weapons


and to top it off a pic of it all so far. ps that thing behind the first unit of warriors is a wip Bull centaur


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Tarrakk Blackhand:

Great start! Can’t wait to see them painted. You’ll need a better camera for the close-ups though! :smiley:

Kera foehunter:

they look good ! what a great green stuff army !

i alway love them old spear goblins!!!


great start, to bad some pictures are a bit blury.

the unheard one:

thanx guys i have some of the old plastic chaos dwarfs on order form ebay. I am thinking of moulding and casting them for my own personal use. is this ok as i we will eventullay run out of them from ebay. can anybody figure out what the hobgoblin archers are really:)


Nice work! Completing 25 Warriors is no easy task, well done!

Can’t wait to see some painted. :slight_smile:


Great start! Can't wait to see them painted. You'll need a better camera for the close-ups though! :D

Tarrakk Blackhand
I think all he needs to do is use the macro function.. it's the function that is usually represented by a flower on your camera..

the unheard one:

actually i was using the micro function it is just not a great camera. my one is better but it away getting fixed so i am using my sis’s camera
Thanks Xander and i only have to do 3 more warriors and most of my stuff is inspired by you. and i don’t really know what colour scheme to use for them right now any advice?


great start.would like to see them painted(and some better pics :slight_smile: )


great start.would like to see them painted(and some better pics :) )

Nothing more to say!

Keep up the good work!


the unheard one:

thanks for the comments but i won’t be able to get any more made for the time being as i have run out of Green stuff. so i will try to get them paint soon as i prefer to paint a whole unit at a time.

:hashut damn GW for the tiny amounts of green stuff they sell. So can anybody tell me where i can get large amounts of the stuff and able to possably get it in Ireland


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Where to Buy Kneadatite® Blue/Yellow Epoxy Putty Tape - Polymerics Systems, Inc.

there are a few for you…

it’s officially called kneadatite epoxy modeling putty… green stuff is just a nickname…

the unheard one:






there are a few for you..

it's officially called kneadatite epoxy modeling putty..  green stuff is just a nickname...

thanks and i know that green stuff is just a nickname but it is easier to say than kneadatite epoxy modeling putty:cheers
but now what clouors should i paint them


Good to know, not everyone knows that green stuff isn’t the real name… lol

hmm dark colors with bronze and red?

Kera foehunter:

if you have a gw store they sell galeforce 9 They sell Grey stuff it nice and less sticky than green stuff and cheeper


if you have a gw store they sell galeforce 9  They sell Grey stuff it nice and less sticky than green stuff and cheeper

Kera foehunter
GW stores don't sell that.. Now a local store that sells GW stuff might, but GW doesn't sell anything unless it's GW..

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Since this is the “Black Fire” Army, why not something that uses Black and Red as a colour scheme? Hot Magenta Pink would be Kool too!

the unheard one:

actually it is called the Black Fire legion because my general’s name is Krasacra Blackfire

today i finally got my old school big hat plastic friends :hat off

and they are wonderfull looking

Tarrakk Blackhand:


Well, Black seems to be a common colour on CD’s. Maybe try some of the other suggested colours in the Hordes of Chaos book, like Blue and Green?

the unheard one:

i am thinking of useing the old colour scheme on the chaos dwarf box i got today wich is black and red with a bit of green or blue


a kind of Night lords like colour scheme hmmmmmm
it’s a hard choice to make.

i will have more pic’s up later so stay tuned