[Archive] The story of ang the one of the most powerful sorcerers the world has ever known


Ang pulled open the heavy iron door the smoke streamed out from the chaos dwarf bar he stood at the door a few seconds and then he realised he was not following the words of tezeentc,  go west there’s an army waiting for you there. He walked in, walking towards the bar he realised that all the drinking and conversation had stoppedhe kept walking and almost bumped into a dwarf standing infront of him

he looked at the tusked face in horrified facination he realised that he and the dwarf was now the center of attencion. The dwarf spat infront of ang. Ang realised that some time had passed he stumbled over the words a few seconds and then he chanted a spell and with a low tone voice that boomed over the room: fear me mortals for i am the chosen of tzeentch i have been granted immortality and if you follow me you to may achive, the dwarf drew a big gun from his belt the gun was covered in ornemental runes and gold jewlary, and calmly shot the sorcerer in the head, the bullet bounced of the iron door behind the deead sorcerer hitting a dwarf sitting a few meters away in the head, the dwarf sitting next to the one that got shot said: immortal my ass

the conversation started aigen and a dwarf sitting on a table in the corner said, Damn that army camp behind the hill those bloody humans come here and tries to pick a fight in the name of uhh… er whatever they call their god. the conversations became louder after a few minutes the bartender a big muscular dwarf said: the first one to carry the corpses out before they start to smell gets free beer all night!.

a voilent fight erupted over the bodies and after realising what he just had said the bartender joined in, this is the story of Ang one of the mightiest sorceres the world had ever known exept it diden’t get to know him.

sorry about the bad grammar and all uncorrect CD fluff.

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sorrry about the spelling mistake in the title


I can almost imagine this tale being told by a hobgoblin, and his buddies laughing at the fate of Ang. Hobgoblins have a weird sense of humour, you know?


ye i guess they do (being whipped and treatead as a slave from birth to death does that to a mind :h ) it was just a text i wrote out of boredom so its not based on anything