[Archive] The Strange History of Karak Ungor

Ancient History:

Was doing a little digging, and wanted to write this down before I forget it so that it can be transferred to the wiki when it gets back up.

I found a reference to an old Regiment of Renown that actually specifically targets Chaos Dwarfs - Prince Uther’s Imperial Dwarfs - the Dragon Company. Now, this is back in the old days when Chaos Dwarfs were not quite as we know them, but it was still interesting and worth noting.

One of the details of the Dragon Company’s background is that they come from Karak Ungor - which in current continuity was the one of the first dwarfholds to fall, in this case to goblins and skaven, in -1,500 I.C. The Goblin tribe was known as the Red Eyes, and Karak Ungor became known as Red Eye Mountain.

Karak Ungor is tied in with another character of interest, Grimgor Ironhide. The Black Orc and his Immortulz occupied the fallen hold for years fighting the skaven, before finally leaving to seek bigger battles elsewhere.