[Archive] the stupidest thing ever

zorn sabretooth:

i went down to my local retailer of wh and was looking at the army books when hashut guided my hand to a copy of ravening hordes!!!:slight_smile:

i could finally collect chaos dwarfs and bought for £1.50 ($3.00) to yanks

so one day i left in my mums/moms car. the next thing i heeard my mum’s car had crashed into a diu and was a write off But only after it had been to the scrapyard did i remeber that my copy of rh was in there and i can’t coolect cd anymore because my computer does not download pdfs $%*?@:mad

Thommy H:

What do you mean your computer “does not download pdfs”? Why don’t we try to deal with that technical issue first and foremost instead of bemoaning loss of the hard copy version.


Download is a seperate issue thats a function of your ISP…

Acrobat (Adobe Reader) is a great reader and is a free download.


Thats some bad luck Zorn,I dont mind you telling us of your plight but still sorry to hear about your loss.

I hope no one was hurt aside from your R/H Book.

There are a few on ebay auctions now if ya do a quick search.

zorn sabretooth:

nah just the book and my feelings…sniff

Hashut’s Blessing:

Obviously, if you download a pdf reader (Adobe Acrobat) and then download the pdf, you will still be able to play, but it doesn;t change the fact you lost the hard copy. I’d always prefer to have a hard-copy of a novel, than an e-book of it. It’s better. Plain and simple. Hopefully, you can find another one easily. Also, to have found it for so cheap in the first place is an achievement in itself!