[Archive] The Ten Principles of Karzh Akkadur


The Ten Principles of Karzh Akkadur

I. Order is when mortals need gods. Chaos, when gods need mortals.

II. Mortals feed off order. Chaos feed off mortals.

III. To attain order, mortals must strive. Into Chaos they simply lapse.

IV. Order need never occur. Chaos will always occur.

V. Order merely resists Chaos. Chaos destroys order.

VI. Order is strength through unity. Chaos, disunity through strength.

VII. When order reigns, organized strength eventually turns into weakness. When Chaos reigns, disorganized strength will crush all weakness.

VIII. Order is creation of power. Chaos is power through destruction.

IX. Order is a line in the sand. Chaos is the sandstorm.

X. True dominion over all creation may only ever be attained by the god whose mortal followers masters order through Chaos.

- The Ten Principles of Sorcerer-Prophet Karzh Akkadur the Builder, as taught to his acolytes during the foundation of Zharr-Naggrund


Another good offering. No 9 is my favorite line.


Another great work Admiral, keep it up :hat off