[Archive] The Tenderiser

Hashut’s Blessing:

Hey all, not 100% Chaos Dwarf related, but it struck me as soon as I read the name. In the Ogre Kingdoms army book, there is a 50 point magic weapon called, you guessed it, ‘The Tenderiser’. Now, the second I read it, I imagined the CD tenderiser. Well, what if, instead of a Boar Centaur pushing it, you had an Ogre Tyrant/Bruiser doing it? It could fit into our fluff of trade relations/slaving and/or it could be used as the model it is! The description says it’s made from a great cannon axle, but the rules say:

"The Tenderiser is a two-handed weapon that follows all the rules for great weapons. A model wounded by the Tenderiser (after saves, etc) loses not one but D3 wounds."

Which, to me, sounds very fitting for what the model actually does, bearing in mind that even a Butcher (which has the least attacks out of the characters and CAN wield it) still has three attacks (three fists), maybe the others move it faster or kick out etc too…

What do you guys think? (Bear in mind, I won;t be doing this conversion until A. I have TWO tenderisiers, one for this and one anyway and B. I collect OK, which I don’t.)

Kera foehunter:

an echanted cart axil ?? isnt that a piece of wood .

but an ogre pushing a cart with axes and big hammer would be cool

Hashut’s Blessing:

Yes, it is. However, it was mostly the name of it and the rules. It just made me think of the model and thought it’d look cool together…