[Archive] The ultimate Nurgle Daemon Prince


Maggot boy here is a Helldorado figure and I think he’s great:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Reminds me of Evil Clown’s Maggotman figure. Personally, I prefer his, though it more suits unit champion than a Greater Daemon :wink:

That’s not to say I dislike this and, personally, I’d probably use this as a prince instead. Not fat enough to be a Greater Girthed One :wink:


Thats one cool model! Ive been thinking, more than just twice, to make a Demonic army of Helldorados models. They have so many great ones…

Kera foehunter:

cool figure !! will it turn into flys when it grows up


nice find , a very cool model :slight_smile:


The Worm that Walks!

God, I love Helldorado. The sort of models I’d like to buy just to paint and look at.


Tasty! I like it!

I might have to consider that for my Chaos Space Marines…