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hello evil spawns of Hashut:hashut

i have 3 painted warriors now(:hmuhahaha)and i will make 9 more this week and maby some other stuff.

here are the 3 warriors of doom

and the greens

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


orcs of fire:

those masks and beards are brilliant!!:o

you are truly good with green stuff… how did you make that helmet?!


you have some skills friend.

the beards were exellent. and the masks/helmets ere nice to.

but the banner seems a bit out of place, your units are awsome and hi-tech. but the banner looks primitive, it would work in a hobbo unit but not in a CD unit

great work :hat off


Looking really good! :smiley:

Are blunderbussers on the way? :wink:


Cool! The one on the far left is my favorite… :slight_smile:

A tip for your sheilds, try to base with either white or orange depending on what tone of yellow you want. When I paint sheilds for my night gobbos I do white → orange → highlight of yellow

Border Reiver:

You have some absolutely superb GS beards there. your ability to not obscure the details of the ancestor badges is quite inspiring to those of us who are not quite so precise.

Kera foehunter:

nice group of warriors Great mask and beards


Very nice CD unit so far the beard work is great and i like the masks, lets see some more painted :slight_smile:


Very good start, Warh!

Ghrask Dragh:

Great start, I love your hobbo and this is getting better!!

I like the hat/helm in the middle, your green stuff work is very good indeed and the standard bearer rocks!! have some slaves…


@orcs of fire i put on a bit of gs and skulpted it(hard to explain)

@xander no,i’m working on hobbos now(i maby do a champion soon)

@ghrask dragh thanks for the slaves!


more warrior’s :o

do you remember this guy?


Kera foehunter:

Cool !! Thanks for the up date!! Nice wings on the lammasu

like the hob goblins too


cool stuff

the helmets are great,exspecially the one on the left that looks like a bucket

and the hobbo faces look nice ,too(is that a beard on the second from the left?)

cant wait to see the finished lamasu


I’m really digging the Hobbos! The ones with the bandans and the one with the beard, in particular, look great.

Very nice work.


@Hazkar yes,it’s a beard:)


i have traded some dwarfs with my friend:)

now i got 8 more warrior’s 5 more BBs and some other stuff:o


now i got a earthshaker,i have based my death rocket,got some more hobbos and i got the miner’s box:)


for the moment i only got this photo on my earthshaker

i’m working on a BB champion

and some warriors

and the lammasu got a rider:)


right now i’m building on a BT:)