[Archive] The "What i made today" Thread


i decided to make a thread, so that you could tell us all here at CDO about what you did today. If its converting, scratch models, or Just a friendly update.

Today, I began working with my Dark Eldar awaiting the new army book.


I painted my entry for the GH, still going though, not sure if i like the paint scheme. H,mmmm


i played a battle( does this count too?) with my orcs and goblins, invasion was the scenario we played. i won 4 to 3. :smiley:


I’m all into painting ‘old’ DnDs - so I finished the paintings and the base on this one: Clamshells and Sea Horses: Shambling Mound

- and also did a test run for a change of colours on my MM90s. Think I might copy Blue VT’s approach to the MM90 - giving them individual strong colours. Don’t be surprised if a Barbie dwarf shows up as well :~

Oh, and the test piece was posted in my Garage-blog - here


I painted volton exulted of sigmar on foot and my valkia conversion


I converted a pair of earthshaker cannons from spare parts and pritt stick.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I took pictures of WiP terrain for my To4G blog, but haven’t actually updated the blog yet :smiley:


did nothing yet, but i’ll play a game today.


I made a paved walkway.

Does that count? :stuck_out_tongue:


I finished 2 “well’s” terrain pieces, came out pretty good. I love building scenery. its so zen.


Started painting my Valkeeri ships for War Rocket


Yesterday I helped assemble some wardrobes, did clothes and armour on 6 clanrats. Did some sculpting on an ogre.


MAde some meka-hobgoblins today, quite happy with them

oh and did them while watching Iron Man 2, man I love that film :smiley:

-kind of inspired the models a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


Trying to finish my GH entry…


Trying to finish my GH entry...

well, that's what i should have been doing. :p


I made some test armatures for my upcoming thread “Turning Household Detritus into Warhammer Scenery”

@clam: that Shambling Mound is AWESOME. Thanks for the link over to Otherworld Miniatures as well - their gnolls are amazing!!


I made some test armatures for my upcoming thread "Turning Household Detritus into Warhammer Scenery"

sounds preety good!

btw i played one more game today( read: won) and i converted 3 beards for my warriors.


finished my first ten of my ‘robo-hobgoblins’

now they need paint! - along with the rest of my army that is!

Thommy H:

I painted something spooooooooky.


Working on a program in Java using RPN (Reverse Polish Notation). Should be interesting.

I also might bust out the brush to finish up some skeletons for my third rendition of Vampire Counts (very strong undead Empire theme).