[Archive] the "Who are you?" photo thread


Just read the “How tall are you?” thread, which is a bit odd I must say… :slight_smile:

But I got thinking who are the people behind the avatars, just out of curiosity!

Guess I have to start with my self…

Me and my gf last summer.


I don’t have a photobucket or other place to upload my pics… :frowning: I have one of me and my 2 daughters taken by my wife about 6 years ago when we were going out trick or treating.)


Not going to bother to post a photo. If you want to gaze upon my countenance, you can DL the Word of Hashut Issue #3:slight_smile:


Ah hah, another brother of the Beard. /deep bow


take a look-see over here



Me and one of my cats (Fumbles-named after the Goblins Character). It was nicer weather back then.


take a look-see over here


mine are in there as well


take a look-see over here


mine are in there as well



Ah, okej… I had no idea there already was a thread… :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I forgot about that thread. Still, I’m in WoH! I had shaved not long before it, mind…

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Yes if I could upload I would but with a new hread we can see all the newer members faces


Or they could just post in the old one…


That´s me, last summer in England - in the Cotswalls at an old roman villa!


Or they could just post in the old one...

yep, that's why I posted the link. just helping the mods out ;)


At my brother’s wedding in Italy with one of his wife’s coworkers (She works for EESA, he works at CERN)

Kera foehunter:

maul !!nice cat !!!



That’s a cat? I thought it was some kind of hairy growth sprouting out of his shoulder… Like an absorbed twin or something… Phew.


Me a few years ago, the beard squig is longer now about 10 - 12"


Uzkul Werit, Nice shirt, is that a “Death on the Road” one?

I wear the pants in the relationship.

Actually, that’s one of my cousin’s mates in the dress, we were at my cousin’s 21st.

My hair’s probably a tad longer (being taken a few months ago) and the necklace I was wearing is gone.


Perhaps a mod can combine both of these picture threads and then sticky it… for everyone to see and add to as they join…


Excellent plan. I need to find the time to post in this. I can’t do it from work on my breaks like I do with most of my CDO posts.