[Archive] The wonderous tips of Xander


Xander you are the man.

So far you just keep putting me onto good things!

Not only did you make conversion seem achivable but; looking up the hobgob vid as-you-do; you have put me onto gale force 9. Being in Australia I don’t know if I would have found the place. The green stuff was an awesome tip. 100g for just a bit more than a pack of the GW stuff. You have saved me so much money given that I’m yet to actually start greenstuffing my army. But more than that GF9 has counters! I can’t even get counters on the Aust GW site anymore and GF9’s counters are awesome. Speaking of which have you seen the turn markers? you can replace the dial for a model which brings me to my new question.

I want to replace the dial for a (fitting) Hashut head (and small arrow maybe). Any ideas of which models I could use? or will this be a Green Stuff job? (it’s for this one:- turn marker)

Ah yes the first thing I’ve ordered is one of them arcs of visibiliy’s I can’t tell you how many fights this is going to stop. :hat off

It was so cool to be put onto the store, i’ve been a tad disappointed in the GW stuff which is similar. Any ideas for the turn counter?


Gale force 9 - could someone put me onto this one please?