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There comes a time in everybody’s life when the things of childhood must pass and the world of the adults beckon. Then is the time to venture forth from the comfortable homestead in search of those prized possessions; Courage, Luck, Love, Wisdom, Freedom and Family. Only when these have been acquired will the rite be over and the passage complete. The time for hiding is past, now is the time to seek. Now is the time to journey out into THE WOODS.

So a friend of mine is in the process of making his own game and the first race out are Marsh Demons:

If interested check out his Blog:

http://thewoodsrpg.blogspot.co.uk/ and mine http://oldhammeronabudget.blogspot.co.uk/ for more pictures and goodies :slight_smile:


Strange in what way?


If you mean this in real life then I say wtf. Sounds more that it is time for you to get a job to pay your rents and so on.
And if you mean this as an intro for that game then it doesn't turn me on and is still a strange intro.

Ok a couple of things, first of all I'd be scared if a RPG with lead figures ''turned you on'' hehe. The Intro is indeed for The Woods a Fantasy based RPG (Not solely a war game) which is setting the scene from what is too come and what's going to be expected. As in part it's a coming of age story based in a world of Woodland creatures such as Faries, Marsh Demons, Kelpie ect.


I would like to see some paint on the miniatures - it’s a bit hard to see the details.

Cheers to your friend. More games and more miniatures is always good.

I didn’t quite get the introflufftext either.


I would like to see some paint on the miniatures - it's a bit hard to see the details.

Forgive the bad pictures but heres a few painted: