[Archive] The Word of Hashut- Issue #12


CDO Ezine- The Word of Hashut #12

Project Name: The Word of Hashut- Issue #12 (Spring 2011)

Project Leader: Willmark

Project Goal: To complete issue #12 of the ezine

Submission/Publish Dates Submissions:Saturday, February 26th / Publish: Saturday, March 26th. (obviously this is a guideline to get back on track; Also I’m on vacation end of March.

Editor in Chief: Willmark

Editors: Swissdictator, Snowblizz

Content Editor: Cornixt

Submissions Coordinator: Maul

As usual here is the thread for communicating with the forum as a whole regarding its status and communication for Issue #12 of the Word of Hashut.

Also wait to read issue #11 editorial for more details going forward.



Ok everyone.

With issue #11 out of the way it’s time to start working on #12. As noted on the back cover of the last issue #12 will deal with Skaven to a degree.

In any event get your articles in regardless of topic.


I can do something if you want bud. Another fan fiction peice if you like ?


Sure write it up and get it into Maul.

Ancient History:

Any preference on Earthshaking Canon subject?


Nope, this time around I’ll leave it up to you.


Ok at this time we have openings for the following:




In keeping with my editorial send them in and well sift through them.



Ok looking for a member fiction piece for this issue, if it involve Skaven so much the better.


I would be interested in the return of the “forums highlight” section, regarding warhammer 40k armies… It doesn’t really fit Chaos Dwarfs maybe but it would be nice to look at some nice painted minis!


I would be interested in the return of the "forums highlight" section, regarding warhammer 40k armies... It doesn't really fit Chaos Dwarfs maybe but it would be nice to look at some nice painted minis!

40K Chaos Squats!!


Nicodemus 40K Chaos Squats!! I can second that :wink:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Can I send you my “How I Made It” pics for my current GH 14 entry? (I wish the contest was over already! I want to post these pics on the forum AND show a few You-Tube videos here, but it would give too much away.


Ok after much deliberation on my part I’m putting this on hiatus for a bit. After the horrendous year that was 2010 I’ve taken a bit of a step back.

Right now #12 is about 40% done but I don’t see me finishing it anytime soon. With that said I’m placing it in hibernation. In other words when time and my desire to work on it return I’ll pick back up where I left off.

Add to this my interest in warhammer is at a bit of a lull right now with other interests and getting my house ready for sale.


I can do a Hobby section piece on “how to drill out Blunderbuss Barrels”. Hopefully I can come up with a better title than that.

Where can i find the submission guidelines?


If possible I would like too see a advert for Space Dwarfs Online or even a mini feature if possible. I know it migth be asking too much to advertise my mini community to a wider public in such a shameless fashion but I cant help but hope.


Umm guys I’m shelving this for the time being. I’m going to be putting my house up for sale and moving to a new one this Summer. Not going to have a lot of time.


I’m also unable to contribute for a while, due to a new project that I’m involved in. Can’t really talk about it, but I’ll post something about it when its ready.


Well, that’s some sad news.

I’ve really appreciated all the hard work you guys have put into it - it truly is (was?) a great publication you created.

Should you decide to ‘resurrect’ it in the future, I’ll be one of the first to download it.

Ancient History:

I understand, moving is a pain. A real shame, though.


I a looking forward to it’s (the ezine’s) return.

Good luck with all the Real World stuff, it can be a real nuisance sometimes.