[Archive] The Word of Hashut- Issue #7

Ancient History:

Oooh, pretty.

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Trying to sneak it out on a holiday?

Looks good.


Nice cover. :slight_smile:

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Another awesome issue, love the cover and other artwork! Inspirational to say the least… :slight_smile:


Great work dudes! :cheers

Awesome! :hat off

Amazing … nothing more to mention! :wink:



Great stuff - I will now read this over breakfast!

>raises his beer in honour of all those involved in producing this fine webzine! :cheers<


It was totally worth reading :smiley: keep them coming! great work from all of those involved. Thanks a lot for putting in this much time and effort



once again a wonderful issue! :hat off

I have to spend some time digging in to all the articles,

but from a breif look it seems like you all outdone yourselves… again :smiley:

many thanks to those involved,

having a webzine as cool as this is the best!



Border Reiver:

Well done folks, well done


This is really good. I’m impressed with the library of artwork you have to use now willmark.

I particularly like the battle rep and GH articles.


Indeed we have quite a talented group dedicated to the Dawi Zharr cause now. Hopefully it leads to its logical conclusion.


I’m getting a “403 error” when I try to download it :frowning:


Nice read once again! :cheers


Use the low res one I’ll re upload it shortly.


Great read and it was nice to see so much modeling stuff, for a change.

The artist comments at the GH showcase section was a nice little add on. And speaking of GH - I think the calendar (upcoming events) should have revealed a bit more, what we could expect from 2010 - don’t you?

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Wow this was a great read again, I especially liked the battle report (well done!) and the bolt thrower DIY article. The book reviews were also a very nice idea. :hat off


A nice reading, really!

Great bolt thrower tutorial and nice battle report. Shame to Xander for mistakes in the battle :wink:

but greater shame to have only 1000 points of Chaos Dwarfs painted :stuck_out_tongue:

My compliments to everybody in the WoH staff.

Kera foehunter:

Greatly done willmark and staff, it was worth the great effort you put into this

keep up the great work and i can’t wait to see the next issue


Link not working.



Yep Use the low rez one right now; I’m re up loading the primary one now.