[Archive] Themed Chaos Dwarfs army ideas


So not being a fan of the latest list I’ve been thinking about a CD themed army using another army book at the moment I’m leaning towards using the WOC army book to make a combat CD army like using Bull Centaurs as Skullcrushers.

what I would like to asked the members is has anyone gone down this route I also like the idea of using the ogre book any ideas would be nice.


The idea crossed my mind many times. But unfortunatly the problem with mounting dwarfs on 25mm bases put me off :frowning:


That’d be an interesting way to go. I’d recommend either sticking with a single mark throughout the army to represent a “mark of Hashut” or avoid marks entirely. BC as Crushers is an interesting idea, although I’d be more inclined to use them as Dragon Ogres. The concept fits a bit more cleanly (unless you’re in it to powergame, in which case Tamurkhan can be a pretty choice in the first place).

The Ogre book on the other hand makes little to no sense. There isn’t anything in it that could represent a dwarf!


I’ve thought of the idea of sticking chaos dwarves on 25 mm bases… and I quiet like it. especially for the new ones a benefit would be they rank up a lot better (:

Only problem is you cant use them as dwarves anymore.

I agree with Noisy that centaurs should be Dagon ogres.

best thing is; if you love the classic models you can use the Tenderiser and Wirllwind as chariots.

And yes stick to one (or no) god and please dont mix and match.


Only option I’ve heard of for the problem of the base sizes is too mount them onto 20m bases and purpose build the movement tray with spaces added in to fill out to the 25mm mark(s). Gives you a little bit of room for terrain detail as well

Da Crusha:

Ive used my chaos dwarfs before as woc. I just blue tacked 25mm bases under every base. No need to reglue


Cool I have replies

I actually plan on running black orcs as warriors.


If you want to play Black Orcs wouldn’t it be easier to just play an Orc & Goblins army? As far as I know there are no 20mm bases in a Warriors of Chaos army so where would you fit in the Chaos Dwarfs?

I’m all for making themed armies, but this makes it sound like you just want to use the hardest list…


At my local club most players are playing themed competitive lists

so yes I’m looking to take the best bits from the book but also so I can use all the models I like and to give the army its own fluff.