[Archive] Theme's and Scheme's, Ideas in Process


Hello everyone! After working on the converting process of thirty or so Chaos Dwarves I wanted to make sure that I had a theme and color scheme ready for them when I began the painting process. After some contemplation and asking others opinions, I decided to go with a H.P. Lovecraftian theme. With so much to choose from I had to do some research, especially because I wasn’t 100% familiar with the lore. The first major idea I had for this theme involved the story “The Color Out of Space.” (Warning: Spoilers on that story ahead, skip to next paragraph to avoid those.) Basically the story revolves around a meteorite and flame of a color that is unfamiliar to this planet that drains the life of people who come near it, sapping their will and sanity along with it. I thought this could definitely work for the theme of any K’daii units, but other than that I don’t know what else to use from other Lovecraft works. Perhaps having the fire on shriveled bodies for the K’daii Fireborn and the meteorite itself imbedded into a monstrous and firey form for the K’daii Destroyer.

For this “unknown color” I was thinking of using a galaxy design, as that would be unfamiliar to anyone of this world, and having it fleck into different colors as a spiraling galaxy does. I was also considering having the weaponry be forged in this flame, making a dark metal be slightly tinted in this unknown color. How I would paint or portray this or what colors I would exactly use is completely unknown to me at this point. Perhaps something similar to this:


That sounds really great and innovative.

(I`m a big Lovecraft fan by the way).

I think the contrast between the bright shining fiery parts and the dark colors would work very well. Painting a test model would probably be a good idea to see if you can put your imagination on a model to your own satisfaction.



Thank you!! :smiley: I have just been getting into his work and those based off of it last year and have been thoroughly enjoying it! I was considering doing some decorating based off of something more well known such as Cthulhu himself or one of the other more popular parts, but I think that this would be keeping much more to the Chaos Dwarf-yness. And your absolutely right, I will probably have to make a test model or two to ensure I have a clear vision. What colors do you think could compliment that galaxy color or provided picture’s style? I was considering an extremely dark blue (like, one easily mistaken for black) and some lighter accent colors to keep the contrast clear. Perhaps even the color of a polished loadstone as the base of the weapons, with the unusual bright fire tint to offset the neutrality.


That’s a freaking cool idea man! Throwing Chaos Dwarf through a Cthulhu Mythos fliter is bound to give some nightmarish result.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this stuff.

Perhaps you should think some Lovecratian mutations into the mix as well. Some tentacles and tzeenth bits as well. Reaper has a line of miniatures called Bones and Bones II, their are some really neat and cheap Cthulhu monsters to get their - a long with Mr. Squid himself.

That beastie is 9’’ heigh and 9’’ long - perhaps hw would make the perfect Destroyer? Counting his blazing body attacks as people just losing the sanity and dying and the unstable nature as Cthulhu just zapping himself somewhere else.


Thank you!! :slight_smile: That’s was my thinking, Chaos Dwarves just seemed like the perfect fit for it! Ohhh, mutations do sound like a cool way to go. Perhaps I can make the close combat heavy dudes like great weapons or sword and board have a mutation, nightmarish look to compliment the up close and personal? I will certainly have to test some stuff out! Besides, I have long been considering a tentacle beard. :stuck_out_tongue:

Those miniatures are lovely!!! (and incredibly affordable) I originally set out to do all conversions for this army, but looking at that model I am starting to have second thoughts. I admit it is incredibly tempting to include Cthulhu himself in the army, I just wasn’t originally sure on doing him justice him since he is such an Aquatic themed entity, and a figure near godhood. But when writing it likely wouldn’t be too bad trying to figure him out, maybe just digging a new foundation to find him in a cave system leading to the ocean? I’d have to think on everything for that and compare it with the existing fluff. As for rules wise how you put it would definitely make sense for Cthulhu, along with several of the other beasties from that mythos. If I could include him he would be a glorious centerpiece that would immediately show others what theme I was going for!