[Archive] This looks familiar

Time of Madness:

Believe this has been for sale a couple of times now. Someone bought it last time from here and was still having dealing with the paypal dispute.


Time of Madness


OMG - I can’t believe it has appeared for a 3rd time.

Just for the record, please don’t anyone buy it. - It is clearly a scam.


I sent Shef a PM - hopefully, he knows who to bring this to the attention of.


What a tool.

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Except the item is listed as being in Ohio. The auction has been reported as fradulent to eBay :hat off

I also tipped him off via a direct message to let him know that we know :wink: … and that CDO is watching. I also wished him well with his scam :stuck_out_tongue:


Damned scammers!

Nice and quick reaction to this, guys, good job! :slight_smile:

Time of Madness:

At least no one has purchased it yet. I think the last couple times it has been purchased.

Did Shef ever resolve his paypal matter over this?

Time of Madness


Looks like someone is simply replicating high-bid auctions, and I guess that miniatures are a bit more low-key than a PS3 but so much easier to spot as being replicas.


yeah time it got resolved on the 5th, i’ve also sent ebay a message about this guy. same selling location as last time, except his paypal is in argentina