[Archive] This made me laugh- alignment chart with pictures!


I’m guess most everyone is familiar with D&D (at least one of the versions)With that said here are some alignments:

I guess we know which one I am… :wink:


LOL think i am there somewhere .I would say V the missus would say i am a bit more clockwork orange;)


oh dear Canix, oh dear…

…I think my alignment shifted permenantly in 1997…


Hmm, who’s the character in the Chaotic Neutral one?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Based on the characters represented, somewhere between Neutral Good and Chaotic Good, however, I sometimes am Lawful Evil :smiley: I guess, on balance, it means I’m True Neutral, edging on Neutral Good… If you understand how I got to that final sentence and know how to explain it, please do as I can;t explain it, but understand it :smiley:

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

i’d say i’m lawful evil but i’d like to be chaotic good :slight_smile:


I don’t quite get the alignment bit (yah, never did D&D), but I’d say I am most likely to bring order to the universe, even if I have to choke the shit out of it. :wink:



lawful neutral…

yep… I’m bored…

Kera foehunter:

Well i’am a Chaotic Neutral -Booze, guns or money then we talk!!!

zorn sabretooth:

chaoctic evil


Lawful evil.

zorn sabretooth:

i thought v would be chaotic neutral or lawful evil he was a bit of a mean s.o.b


idk, I don’t think V was evil. He did evil acts I guess, but with only good intentions. I think this is pretty representitive. :slight_smile:

nerd :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to be chaotic good, or neutral evil but i am more like lawful neutral in appearance…

In actual mannerisms i would say either neutral good or neutral evil depending on how much sleep i had and if you have given me pizza! :smiley:



neutral good, with lawful and chaotic tendencies.

Can never bring myself to be evil… :frowning:

I have chaos dwarfs to do that


Of course V is evil, he is also about sacrificing stable and effective government to redicul;ous ideals (moreso in the graphic novel than the film).