[Archive] Thoughts on Nurgle Daemonettes?


Not sure if this is in the right spot, I guess it’s technically Chaos Dwarf related because I’m building a Tamurkhan style army of Nurgle, including Dwarfs… so if it’s in the wrong part of the forum I apologize.

So for the last little while I’ve been building a Nurgle army (daemons, warriors and dwarfs, pretty much a Tamurkhan style army) But I’m including units from other gods that I’ve just been converting to nurgle, for example I’ve converted some skullcrushers by removing all khorne iconography, and just adding nurgley bits.

I’ve just finished my nurgle bloodletters, and now I’m wondering about daemonettes, which I think will be more difficult. Now I could obviously give them each a horn (although that is also a Slaaneshi theme, like with the Seeker heads) add some exposed guts (although with the armour and thin bodies, could create a much more difficult conversion than I would like) and add boils and wounds and stuff like I have with the other units (although again, the thin limbs and bodies don’t leave alot of room for this kind of thing without it requiring alot of skill, which I don’t have lol)

SO. my question is: Does anyone have any ideas on easy ways to make daemonettes more nurgley, and/or, should I just try to do the things I said anyways, and hope for the best?

Thanks guys


You could also replace the claw arms for tentacles, these are also both slaanesh and nurgle.


Do you specifically want Nurgly Daemonettes, or do you simply want something that can represent the stats of a Daemonette while being a follower of Nurgle? If the latter, I’d suggest Mantic Ghouls, with head swaps to give them all skulls. Add in some pustules, boils, and innards and things are looking pretty lithe and Nurgly. You could even add some 'Nette claws to these guys for serious creepiness.


I would ideally like to have nurgly daemonettes. With something more than just a nurgly paintjob separating them from deamonettes lol


I’d be tempted to look at zombie bits or ghoul bits like NoisyAssassin suggested.

Maybe you can draw some inspiration from the Storm of Chaos Flayerkin? They never got official models, but I think having hooks like the Flayerkin represent the Daemonette’s claws might be cool.

Here’s a few pictures from google:

Hope this helps.


Actually I was thinking that I had the image of I think he’s called Scragg from ogre kingdoms, the one with no hands but he has blades coming out of his wrists, alot like that first picture. I think that could really work. I considered ghoul bodies with daemonette heads as someone in another forum mentioned but the more I think about it, the less they would look like nurgly daemonettes and more like ghouls with a weird head swap lol. I could always use the nette bodies, do the thing to the arms, and give them each a head swap like the flayerkin picture, they would still be recognizable as nettes, but have an obvious nurgle presence.



THIS http://torture-device.deviantart.com/art/Nurgle-daemonette-127074539
but using the same sword hand idea instead
Now the fun part, converting my normal nettes into these… :slight_smile:


Heh, pretty cool stuff. Can’t wait for some pics. :slight_smile:


any suggestions on how to do the legs? started a test model today, but getting the legs to look like that I’m having trouble with. Suggestions?

Kera foehunter:

any suggestions on how to do the legs? started a test model today, but getting the legs to look like that I'm having trouble with. Suggestions?

Witch elf boots :hat off


Thanks Kera, but I think I figured something out. I’ve started to clip off the large half of the daemonette claws, remove the feet, and attach the claw bit to the ankles. I’ve also skimmed off all the armour, which I will be grinding back into the shape of an actual body lol waiting for a dremel piece tho, added a horn to their heads, and random hooks and swords and wahtnot coming from their wrists, attached by nurgly skin bits. Also need to make and add the wings for each one.

I think they’re gonna look really good, depending on my dremel skills.