[Archive] Thoughts on regiments of renown

Zhatek The Weird:

Hi everybody I was just thinking what are you’re thoughts on the usage of regiments of renown in a chaos dwarf army?


Like in the old Dogs of War regiments of renown? It’s not really a part of the Warhammer 8th edition rules to have mercenaries like that. And the ally rules are really stricts (forcnig you to make a legal army with general, 25% core etc).

What were you planning on doing?

Depending on the environment you play in, I would suggest you just ask your opponents permission to use something cool. Like black orcs in a chaos dwarf army. Perhaps make a house rule “take appropriate mercenary units from other armybooks. You can use core and special choices - though they count as rare choices”.

If looking for 8th edition rules for the old Regiments of Renown. Check out Mathias Eliassons free armybook: Warhammer Armies Project

Zhatek The Weird:

My bad for not being clear enough sorry about that Bloodbeard.

I am going to a small tournament with some friends, were we all agreed on that we could bring a unit of RoR from the armybook from the Warhammer Armies Project and since I am playing my chaos dwarf force i am not sure on which would be the most flavorful and fitting unit for my army. I am thinking about either using The Cursed Company, Oglah Khan’s Wolfboyz, Ruglud’s Armoured Orcs or Beorg Bearstruck and the Bearmen of Urslo.


My personal favorite would be Rugluds Orcs. Because of their squabble rules, the greenskin connection to CD’s and the fact that I have loved their original fluff


Even if I want to sell them I like the cursed company. And it is not too hard to add to the originals with more skeletons.


These guys will help to fill out the Cursed Company with a few cheap non-human skeletons:


I’d go with one of the Khans… hobgobbos tie in best with cd flavorwise.

Tyranoth The Ashen:

How about you add Black Orks ;D. But don’t place them close to the hob goblins. Let us just say hob goblins treachery against the Black Orks could fuse an inner fight if they are close to one another. Plus the black orks are badasses.

Edit. Or you could do like this. The rule book Tamurkhan. Page 142, The great host of Chaos. If you want to go fluff, look at the forces of the chaos host rules. Replace beastmen with orks and goblins.