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So I have been playing Chaos Dwarfs for nearly a year now, so I figured no better time than the present to start my Army blog.

Just to give you a background 80% of the army is forgeworld 19% Games Workshops and 1% random stuff.

I just started massively painting my army and my goal is to have them done this week, so having a blog track my progress will influence me to finish this stuff.

I have 60 infernal guard with shields

20 infernal guard with fireglaives

3 Castellans/Prophets

3 Demonsmiths

6 bull centaurs

6 k’daai fireborn

2 magma cannons

1 deathshrieker

1 hellcannon

1 dreadquake (converted from demon techo-cannon)

k’daai destroyer (stonehorn)

Prophet on bale taurus

Prophet on lammasu


80 hobgoblins with spears and shields (night goblins)

20 hobgoblin bowmen (night goblins)

10 hobgoblin wolfriders (goblins)

1 hobgoblin kahn (goblin)

1 hobgoblin kahn on wolf (goblin)

I will be posting pictures later today of my progress and full army.


Awww, not even a teaser shot?


Awww, not even a teaser shot?

Unfortunetly not until I get home =)


Awww, not even a teaser shot?

Unfortunetly not until I get home =)

Then get home and post pics, ha ha


The whole shabang

So here is the work that is ahead of me

WIP Infernal guard

Battle Standard Bearer

Here are some of my infernal guard that are already finished

My heroes


Giant WIP


Just taking a quick break


Wow, thats a huge army! Looks very nice, great work!!


Wow, thats a huge army! Looks very nice, great work!!

Yeah and that wasn't even all of it, I had another lot on my painting station.

I'm not too happy with the pictures due to the flashes, doesn't give the paint job justice.

Will post more soon


I can show you the world…

Yes that’s my Castellan on a flying carpet.

Evil Giant of doomed finished

OH and my fruits of labor from last night


Argh!!! The sheer amount of naked minis would scare me to death!!! Anyway nice collection pal :cheers

The Besieger:

nice collection painted IG you there :cheers


Finished Models from yesterdays painting work

Dreadquake finished - I painted the orge the same scheme as a friends Ogre army. Slaves are fun!

K’daai Destroyer - The Destroyer is all finished! Made out of the Stonehorn (I love the model)

And here is an updated picture of what I have done so far

(The Deathshrieker and Magma Cannon are still WIP)

Also i’m sure you have noticed if you are following this project, that really none of the basing has been done, I like to tackle basing all at once. Works better for me.


Thats a very nice looking army!!!


That dredquake standin does look very nice,

I like to see a fellow Dawi that likes to field plenty of Infernal Guard, I myself use 40 with hand weapons and 30 Fireglavies.

Goltor Lintrepide:

Those blocks of infernal guards are sweet!

Glimpse the Void:

I love your dreadquakes, among other things. How did you make these? Are these from dwarf or empire kits?


It’s actually from a Russian technolog distributer. It’s called demon techno cannon on eBay, a lot of other forum members use them as magma cannons but I think it’s perfect as a dread quake. The dwarfs are from the avatars of war slayer kit and the ogre was left over from the stonehorn I bought to use as a destroyer

Glimpse the Void:

Thanks man, I need to finish up my conversions but those look good enough I may just buy a pair out right…

Kera foehunter:

nice army , I like how you use all different army part to make your army very Cool


Prophet on bale taurus (sorry for the crappy pictures)


Army update! Also made a display board

Only things missing are the hobgoblins and the irondemon, lammasu