[Archive] Thrawn's Legion of Azgorh (Forgeworld Models)


so this is my 4th time starting this thread. i’m not sure if i’ve mastered this forum thing!

i’ll just start off by stating my project.

i have a forgeworld legion of azgorh list. i should have started this forum from the very beginning, but we’ll pick up where i am now.

with out further adu to the army list.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Daemonsmith Level 1 95

Lore of Death

Enchanted Shield 5

Luckstone 5

Dispel Scroll 25 130

Daemonsmith Level 1 95

Lore of Death

Charmed Shield 5

Power Scroll 25 125

Castellan BSB 130

Fireglaive 15

Dawnstone 25

Dragon Helm 10 180

Hobgoblin Khan 40

Wolf 12

Light Armour 2 54

Infernal Guard x15 255

Full Command 32

Flaming Banner 10

Fire Glaives/Pistol 2 299

Infernal Guard x16 272

Full Command 32

Fireglaives/Pistol 2 306

Death Shrieker Missile Launcher 100

K’Daai Fireborn x4 220 220

Magma Cannon 145

Iron Daemon 285

Hellbound 25 310

K’Daai Destroyer 325

Hell Cannon 205

Total 2399


i have started on my infernal guard. here are some pics.


let me try this again.



the list looks decent, though not exactly my style. Where’s your sorc.prophet?

I also don’t invest in fireglaives, feeling that a deathrocket is more bang for buck, and it leaves more points for a big warrior unit and some hobbos to protect a flank. A hellcanon is funny, though I prefer a dreadquake (though you’ll be essentialy missing out on a mobile piece of flank protection that rapidly devours your average flankers if you choose a 'quake).

Magic items are a personal choice IMO, so pick what you like.

I’ve always had a funny feeling about fireborn… they could be awesome, or they could burn op quite fast. I always run bullcentaurs (being a bighatter and having 10 on stand-by).

Lastly, I’ve never used an iron deamon, so I don’t know how good (or bad) they actually are.

Once again, all of the above is personal taste, your army looks good on the defence (although maybe a bit too few boots on the ground for 2400pts), and quite solid on the offence.

Do you have all these models collected and ready to go? And what will be your next investements?


i have everything purchased/assembled/based/primed, just waiting painting, which is what i’m doing.

i also have 30 infernal guard with hand wepaon/shield, sorc. pro. and 20 hobgoblin archers, and 2 more fireburners.

so my pics are too big to download. let me see what i can do.


Upload them to photobucket first… it resizes them automaticaly. Then you just copy the photo URL to your post, and it’s done :slight_smile:


ok, let me test this out.


let me try again.



At the right side of the picture, there’s a small list called ‘links’. If you click/copy the image link and just paste it here, you’ll get this result:

I like the paintjob BTW, the blood-effect is especially nice :slight_smile:






so let me ask you guys something. do you like the “bone helmet” look or should i go silver/metal?


my iron daemon work in progress



so this iron daemon model is AMAZING!!

however, a STRONG warning, model took me over a day to assemble! plus, due to the complexity of the model it took significant cutting/pinning/glueing to fit properly.


Lava Lord:

:o I like the helmet scheme alot and love the iron demon…Can’t wait to see the final product…:hat off

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Bone helmet - not so much.  Also I think the blood is too much.  The effect is done well enough by it washes out the rest of the model. Other than that it looks ok!

Grimbold Blackhammer


the gore will only be on a few models, cause yes i agree it’s a bit much if they all have it.

i’m am so torn about the bone helmet or silver helmet. SO TORN! the bone helemt looks much better in person, however it just seems more dwarfy to have silver helmets. i don’t know!

iron daemon done! here are the pics. will base and prime it, then will start to paint.:hat off