[Archive] Three Auctions on eBay


A regiment of BBs, a BC regiment and set of heroes.  My eBay ID is double-a-68.
Tons more to come, including hundreds of metal hobgoblins.


Full set of Bull Centaurs (3-4 more regiments on the way)
Full regiment of BBs + Cmd (2 more regiments on the way)
Full set of three heroes + Astragoth (matching set on the way)
5 regiments of Hobgob wolfriders (2 bow, 3 axe) coming
100+ Hobgob Axe coming
20+ Hobgob Bow coming
60+ Hobgob Sneaky Gits coming
8+ Bolt throwers coming
Several artillery coming
Mounted Lords, some mint in box.
2-3 regiments of Foot Warriors with Axe coming

Sorting all this out is a real pain.


link to the lots might help better than an id :wink:


Odd… that seller ID has nothing listed yet.

:hat off


yeah, kind of odd dont you think Nicodemus?

Pyro Stick:

Odd.. that seller ID has nothing listed yet.

:hat off

Change that .ca to a .com



HObgoblin Warrior Horde of 30 with Command
Sneaky Git Regiment of 20 with Command

And they’ll keep coming like this as I can get to them and sort them out.  There’s a lot of mint metal, or nicely stripped metal in these auctions.  The Hobgob Warriors are $3/each, the Hobgob Gits $3 each.  I don’t think you’ll see opportunities for regiments of clean metal like these at these prices anytime soon.  At least, I’ve never seen them ever.  These were all paintsakingly traded and collected and bought over years, sorted, cleaned and organized.

PS: Thanks Nicodemus, your link goes straight to all five auctions I’ve up now.


Some great looking units there. Pity shipping is only to the United States.



Kronos, shipping is anywhere anyway anyone wants to pay for it. It’s in the last paragraph. eBay now forces you to estimate a shipping, which is ridiculous since people often want certain priorities, insurance, etc.

Anyway, here is the latest one. I’ve sorted out 50 Hobgoblin Wolfriders with Axes, 20 with Bow, and put the first one up in a pic, it is mint metal and plastic on sprue:



Oh, and someone asked me if I will take offers on items not yet up for auction. I will, but I’ve only a certain amount of time to sort things out and pic them. But certainly if you or a friend are interested, please feel free to PM me here.