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i have 3 questions:

1: i have seen conversions of blunderbuses with dragon heads on the ends, is there any good sprue that consist lots of dragon heads of the right size you recomend for making such blunderbuses?

2: in the chaos dwarf “army book” it stands that the chaosdwarf warriors can have great axes for 2 points each. do they when they write great axes mean great weapons or is great axes a mundane weapon from an old edition?

3: if they mean great weapons, does it mean that they lost their shield it i give them great weapons, as it not stands " they may exchange their shields for great axes" ?

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1. Someone mentioned that they are using this >> Chaos Marine Rhino Gargoyle bits. You can find them on ebay.

2. Great axes are great weapons (+2 Strength). If you check the 6th edition rulebook, great axes are listed as great weapons. The Ravening Hordes (our army book) was created during/for the 6th.

3. They do not lose the shield. At the beginning of a combat (a combat, not a combat phase) you decide wheter to use Great Weapon or a hand weapon & shield. This depends on what you’re fighting



Kram is correct.

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