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Well, for once I have a completed conversion for you (still unpainted)

I’ve done some heavy conversion using various kits to create my interpretation of Throgg. In the WOC book they state he wears a “filth-encrusted, spiked crown”, which I have tried to include.

Also, though most people show him as a river-troll, I’ve tried to make mine look like a heavily mutated stone-troll.

In the picture in the army book, he has the tusks which I’ve included and a mouth on his stomach, which I’ve sculpted from GS. Sure, it isn’t excactly the same as the mouth in the WOC army book, but to be fair, he is a heavily mutated troll, and as such can change form ad lib.

This will be part of my nurgle-themed army, but he will be more of an ally than a follow of Nurgle proper. For that I will have my bile trolls, led by my next conversion task- Raak Stoneshatter. The background for him is outlined here

Sorry about the quality of the photos - had to use my webcam so it looks terrible. Will upload painted ones sometime soon though, in glorious 10MP images haha :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think about my interpretation.



The Axe was scratch-built from various sprue parts and GS. I chose a double-sided axe as he could have attained such a weapon from Chaos Dwarfs or forced a Dwarf to forge it, as it is much bigger than a weapon designed for humans. In the army book it says “picks his teeth with a gem-encrusted blade”, showing he has little to no value for petty human weapons or valuables.


As I tried to show in the below photo, he stands over twice as tall as a Chaos Warrior, and about half as much as a normal troll. Extensive work was done to the legs to make him stand in a natural pose.

Lord Archaon:

Really cool conversion work. Can’t wait to see it painted. :cheers

Blue in VT:


Yeah he looks Wicked!




Cheers for the support guys :slight_smile:

Is my first major conversion/scratch build for quite a while now, so it’s not going to be brilliant, but I want him to stand out and have put some of my fluff behind him (with the custom weapon/ crown) and his immense size compared to other trolls.

So far my monstrous infantry is

Throgg + 10 chaos trolls

3 Chaos ogres (more coming soon hopefully)

3 Bile trolls w/ Raak Stonesplitter (in progress)

Kholek Suneater and 5 Dragon Ogres.

I know the list isn’t an officially usable one; it’s more just a summary of my choices so far.



Really nice looking model there. I too am looking forward to seeing it painted. Keep up the great ‘greenstuff’ work.


I can see why some say river troll, mainly 'cause of the face I think. It is mostly green stuff, is that right?


Thanks again for the support :slight_smile:

@Abecedar - it was modelled on a River troll but in the end I went all-out and the only bit truly uncovered by GS are the forearms. Tried to give him a big, dumb stone troll nose though, by squashing it down and squaring it out, while making his jaw more prominent, as well as his forehead.

He’s undercoated right now but duty calls and I have to go get some shopping done.

I should hopefully have him painted some time this week :yar