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Hello all, so far my in my chaos dwarf army I’ve painted one chaos dwarf warrior, converted three more. Painted some hobgoblins. And converted a Death Rocket and a Earth Shaker. However, I won’t be able to paint/convert my chaos dwarfs for awhile because I want to finish painting my Skaven.

Hobgoblin’s front

Hobgoblin’s Back

Hobgoblin Unit

Chaos Dwarf Shield

Chaos Dwarf Front

Chaos Dwarf Beard

Chaos Dwarf Back

Chaos Dwarf Side

Chaos Dwarf Front 2


A nice start there. I am struggling to make out the details on the hobgoblins a bit as there is a lot of shine on the model - is that a lighting thing on the camera end, or is it gloss varnish? Doesn’t matter though, it’s a good start and a nice looking unit. Anyway, hopefully you will find a few minutes in between the skaven to work on some more chaos dwarves :slight_smile:


Must be the lighting. The hobgolbins do have a shine on them.


Great work on every thing Thorwick scale armour looks really good :slight_smile:


Nice guys! :cheers

Like the skin colour of the Hobbos no so conventional! :wink:

I’m eager to see more of your stuff!



Thanks guys.

With my Hobgoblins I wanted to make them different from the normal hobgoblins so I made them the same as goblins just they had yellow-ish skin. They also use don’t know how to use spears so they use them just as hand weapons.:smiley:

Kera foehunter:

Great start to your army Thorinwick


I agree with kera- great start! I’d add a little gore to the weapons of the front rank of most units, then again, that’s just me.


I’ve converted another Chaos Dwarf. I’m not sure whether to make my chaos dwarfs like this or my one before.

C&C Welcome


I like more the 1st version of your CDs - the reason might be that I’m no real BigHat fan!

But to be honest I would convert my minis as I like it and not others! :cheers

Be more self-confident! :wink:



Great conversion, i like the way you have done the axe looks cool :slight_smile: I am a fan of any big hat so you know whats got my vote :hat