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Please help -

I argued/discussed with somebody about this the other day and I am about 99.9% sure I am right but cant remember when or where I read it.

My Kdaii destroyer was causing havoc and then he charged it with a lone skink priest. I did my attacks and ‘what a surprise’ - he had the Dragonbane gem. He did his attacks back and didn’t wound and then I did my thunderstomps - all 6 of them. He then went to roll for the dragonbane gem!

I am almost positive that it states somewhere that stomps and thunderstomps do not benefit from special rules such as flaming or armour piercing - I am right aren’t I?

where is this written?

Thommy H:

Special rules don’t carry over to anything except ordinary melee Attacks unless specifically stated otherwise. I think it’s in the main Rulebook FAQ, or if not it’s in the book itself at the start of the Special Rules section.


You are right. Making the K’daai deadly even for fire protected infantry heroes.

The exception is daemonic attacks which specifically states that stomp/tthunder stomp as also magical.

Causing daemon players to hate the Banner of the World Dragon even more.


Yes, I have found it in the FAQ. great stuff guys, thanx muchly.


Which is why the correct foil for a Destroyer is amounted or mountrous hero with a fire ward save.

Foot hereos just get trod on.