[Archive] Time fly�?Ts when your having fun - A thank you to every one at CDO


Today has been a year since I joined this amazing site and I just want to take this opportunity to thank every one that makes CD Online the amazing place that we have all come to enjoy. Its been a good year of gaming and modelling I have amassed a 4500 pts CD dwarf force, taken CD to games day for golden daemon and even had some articles in WOH and most important have made new friends.

Thanks for all the wonderful advice that every one has given me form using green stuff to gaming, so heres to another great year :cheers


Your welcome - it has been a pleasure having you on board :hat off

And I’m really impressed to see how committed your have become in just one year. And you are high on my list for ‘best member/attitude 2010’ - at the annual award show. So keep it up!


yeah, i’ve only been here a few months but, nice boards guys, really.


Thank you Clam, i will continue to carry the banner of CD online high for the rest of my years of gaming, and long may that be :cheers


Loki definately deserves caerful consideration for Best Attitude.


Thank you Willmark :cheers

Kera foehunter:

Yea !!! A whole year !!** hug *** i hope your be around another 100 years !!