[Archive] Time to Start Collecting: My 2500pt Initial List

8-Bit Ace:

I am really excited about the chance to play some evil dwarfs.  I am pretty new to WHFB but this will be my second army already so I am enjoying myself and the local scene.

Here is the list I came up with to help me start collecting whats become available so far:

Sorcerer Prophet (Lv 4, Disp Scroll, Power Stone, Talisman of Preservation, Ironcurse Icon) = 395

Daemonsmith (Nekkid, just there for the re-roll and occasional Fireball)= 95

Dark Castellan (Armor of Bazherak, Warrior Bane, Shield, BSB )= 187

Chaos Dwarf Warriors X 40 (Blunderbuss, Shields, 2 standards) = 580

Hobgoblins Cutthroats X 10 (Shields, Bows, & command) = 67

Infernal  Guard X 28 (Ensorcelled HW, Shields, Champ, & full cmd) = 506

Hobgoblin Wolf Riders X 10 (Bows & standard) = 100

Deathshrieker Rocket Battery = 100

Dreadquake Mortar (Ogre) = 175

K’daai Destroyer = 295

I’ll have the Mortar and Rockets in back with the Daemonsmith.  Sorcerer and Castellan will be with the Infernal Guard and be my main block and should be tough as nails.  The Warriors will hang around the flanks and try to get a round of shooting in before stand & shoot.  Hobgoblin Cutthroats can guard a flank or harrass or just be cannon fodder.  The Wolf Riders are fast and can hopefully get around a flank to hunt ranged units or cancel rank bonuses from a flank or rear.  K’daai is my main hammer and I expect to to tear through anything that isn’t at least as big as it is especially with Hatred.  Oh and my Dreadquake and Rockets will try to take down the big blocks from range.

Any comments or questions?


I think it looks ok, but I’ll leave any comments about units to more experienced CD players. However, there are one or two things:

Sorcerer is illegal as you can only have one arcane item, so no power stone and dispel scroll.

Why the shield on the BSB? The armour can’t be improved beyond 2+. Just give him a great weapon.

What do you mean 2 standards in your warriors?

I’d give the wolf riders a musician before a standard so they can rally easier.


Best way to run your core dwarfs is to equip them with great weapons in my honest opinion. STR 5 is useful against anything except the toughest of monsters, and it’ll come out of your core allowance. Blunderbuss shooting is not very effective for the price you pay…Run a small unit of 10 guys at most if you want to pepper elves and humans with some small pebbles (to guard your artillery against fast cav for instance).

8-Bit Ace:

Thanks for catching that with my Castellan. I think I will give him a great weapon and switch the musician from the Hobgoblins on foot to the Wolf Riders. Also the Dispel Scroll should have been on the Daemonsmith, my bad.

I think that running two groups of 20 dwarfs with blunderbuss should be effective. 20-60 strength 4 attacks with armor piercing and re-roll wounds? That can mess anything up, especially if I can pin a unit with Ash Storm or the Dreadquake. On the other hand I have not played the list so I am going on theory here.


Split in two your wolf riders. Panic test come so early now (animosity…)

20-60 strength 4 attacks with armor piercing and re-roll wounds?
Strengh 3 only. And reroll only if 20 models, and they die fastly now (initiative test and so!)

Sorcerer prophet : the best bet I think : talisman of toughness, heal potion, enchanted shield, telluric wind (the item which make reroll one miscast).

You can give the ensorceled shield to the daemonsmith.

I have tried many units of the list : death shriecker is rather fun, and better than I thought. Magma cannon is really awesome. Dreadquake useful. K’daai awesome too.

I do not try the infernal guard, so no comment on them.

You wouldn’t have too many problems with your list.

Good game!


Can you use hobgoblins in units of 10? They are 20+, aren’t they?