[Archive] time to try again


I have come up with the army list i will be collecting to for my first 1000pts, using the indy GT list. any C + C welcome

Daemonsmith with the Armour of the Furnace


Hobgoblin Overseer with Daemon eyes, spear, light armour, sheild and Wolf


20 CD warriors with sheilds and full command, accompanied by an Eruption gun


10 CD Annhilators with full command


20 hobgoblins with spears and full command


5 wolf riders with spears, sheilds and musician


3 inferno golems


total 1000pts


Wow! nice Inferno Golem! what was he made of? keep it up!


thanks Borador, its made with an armiture of spare sprue, covered in green stuff with cork chippings pushed into it, the feet are space marine shoulder pads, the head is the bfsp kings wall and the hat is a wooden bead with a sheild on top smoothed with green stuff


finaly i can resume sculpting, two weeks is a long time without green stuff


I wonder why I hadn’t seen your models before, they look quite nice, well sculpted beards and the hats are pretty cool, too. That I freakin’ love your Inferno Golem have I just mentioned, they are awesome and I will steal your idea, mixed up with what I planed for them.

Well, now that have your GS, hurry up and give us more! ^^


It looks great so far, I really should try to make some “drop” shaped hats when I get back to CD again, what did you use as a base?