[Archive] Tiny hats, Tiny shoes....and Tank Tracks?!?


In a bid to rescue my CD army thread from being swamped with 40k I’ve decided (a monumental decision!) to split off everything else and put it here

shocked trumpet notes

dum dum daaaaaaaaarrrr

I have had quite a bot of hobby time but I’ve been a bad IP and spent it ignoring my CD (apart from basing and converting orcs…which I’ll naturally be bigging up on my CD thread :hat off )

What I’ve been up to:

More Eldar:

…and finishing off my grass board:

(stupid unpainted river :expressionless: )

and my cityfight board:

I’m also making a mold for one of my old scratchbuilds:

I’m organising a Horus Heresy weekend for my mates and want to have a company of superheavies to pound them with…and I also need to build a defence laser (out of a toilet float and a MacDonalds lightsabre!)

IP out!


You have a very clean style of painting, but I think the jet bikes could do with a little detail on the front.

The grass board might look better all one colour :wink: Is that a mould of a building?

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Looks more like tank tracks to me. I agree with Grims, the jetbikes do look a bit plain and some decals might also greatly improve the looks of the Falcon grav tank.


Yep have to agree with you both there…I just don’t have any transfers! I’ll have a look around and see if I can dig some out - but black or white runes?

It is a track unit, I’m casting one up now so I’ll stick a picture up when its set…its one of teh rack units from this:


White would definately stand out better. I saw some jetbikes a while back that had some decent freehand rune patterns on them instead of decals. Probably lost the link.

That tank is very interesting. Is it based on a historic design for turret placement? Looks a bit like a Scorpion

I’m currently making a stretched Leman Russ. It’s 10mm longer, with lower ground clearance and a turret pattern more like an Abrams M1A1. Never really considered myself a treadhead before, but I’m having fun. I’m going to sell it after golden daemon.

Kera foehunter:

wow !! great mold ! great city! great figures !!


White it is then! I can’t really do free hand so it’ll have to be transfers (I’ll need to get some microset/microsol to get the transfers to adhere properly).

The tank is mainly based on the Macharius heavy tank (which I reckon looks a bit like a French Char B from the second world war). Thinking about it the turret is weirdly placed - maybe I should move it forward :idea I also want to do a troop carrier (a bit gorgon like) and a titan hunter version in the fullness of time

Mac link

and a pic of the demolded track unit:

Lost a bit of detail, quite a few bubbles, but came out OK for a first run (i’ve never mixed mineral powder with resin before - it s was super-gloopy-thick!). The rivets barely came out but will pop out when I drybrush it…I hope :sick


I got back from holiday on Sunday night (sunny Malta to Dreary England). Did some work for the Heresy weekend (now only two weeks away)

Lunar Defence laser (awaiting painting):

This will be one of the objectives of the final apocalypse game…and should kick out some impressive fire-power on its own.

Plague Tower (90% done):

This is a Nurgle super-heavy…700 points worth of filth short range shooting!


Erk - one week left before the Heresy 40k weekend arrives so I’ve been busy painting…Skaven.

D’oh! Stupid Ebay impulse buys…

25 Clanrats:

2 rats ogres (that I didn’t paint but I did the bases :stuck_out_tongue: ):

I got a half painted rat pack so finished that too:

The box also came with 25 clanrats painted like this:

After painting 25 from scratch I couldn’t face stripping the paint off so I just did some weapon swaps and repainted the skin and washed them:


I also picked up some picture frames in a sale and printed off certificates for the best Loyalist and best Traitor players:

People like certificates so I thought it would be nice (the small print at the bottom of the Imperial one states failure to destroy the record will result in purging - gotta love the inquisition!).

Swissdictator’s log reminded me of this log

Moogleman’s DE

It had inspired me to do a test mini at the time but I wasn’t interested enough to continue. However, I found a bunch of hasslefree miniatures females in my bits box that got me thinking…

My theme will be that a Dark Elf house, House Horza, is down on its luck. Lord Faldimir Cruelheart, master of House Horza, hatches a plot to raid some lizardman temples in order to get enough money together for a triumphal return to the Land of Chill. However, he doesn’t have the resources on his alone so he’s made a deal will the Covenant of Sorceresses. Being Dark Elves they don’t really trust each other so the Covenant have sent acolytes to keep an eye on all of House Horzas’ troops to make sure Faldimir doesn’t’ pull a fast one.

This is basically me trying to justify using scantily clad females to lead all my units…naked chicks and dinosaurs…I hope my girlfriend doesn’t see this plog :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I sculpted a sea dragon cloak onto Gail here…erm…I suppose its very hot in Lustria! (sorry for the bad pic - had to fiddle in photoshop to even make her visible):

She’ll lead the Black Ark corsairs into battle.

I’ve also been converting some Black Guard (House bodyguards) out of spearmen:

You can see the test mini on the left.

C&C welcome


Just finished up with Gail…now Ylara, the Corsairs Covenant minder:

I tried to do some freehand runes on her cloak and halberd…but they didn’t really come out too well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Got some more Dark Elves done for the warseer tale of fantasy gamers thread:

and kitbashed a landraider for my filth marine army:

and bought a horrible xmas decoration to turn into a spooky church:

Will get some painted marine pics up soon - I can;t get over how easy marines are to paint, and how few of them there have to be for an army!

Kera foehunter:

nice skaven and dark elf army


Thanks Kera!

I finished painting the marine Land Raider:

I’m not a fan of shiny happy Space Marines - I like mine to look like they’re on campaign. The camo netting went a bit wrong and I had to reposition it, but luckily it hadn’t dried…unfortunately I don’t think it ever will because I didn’t soak it in enough glue  :(

The Terminator  squad it transports in games:

I didn’t have an Thunderhammers lying around for the rest of the squad (the sergeant is from Space Hulk) so I built them out of plasma pistols and IG Chimera sponson lasguns. The chapter (The Iron Brothers) are meant be be very mechanical so the bionic limbs fit in OK.

A couple of Tactical Squads:

My favourite part of these models is the basing (I like painting road markings!)