[Archive] To all the Americans on the site


Happy Thanksgiving: football, beer (if you’re old enough) and turkey=awesomeness.

Not even Chuck Norris can hold that back.


Happy Thanksgiving to everybody. Getting ready to enjoy some turkey myself later on. :cheers:cheers:hat off


I get a bonus Thanksgiving today thanks to my friend’s step-dad being American.

Turkey for me! Woo woo!


And the Packers are putting Detroit in their place too! AWESOME!

dons cheese head Not that I own one.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I never watch football, but I love the turkey and awesome food. Hooray for Thanks Giving!


Nothing wrong with good food! :smiley:


I think I ate to much.  :)


I am stuffed! I only ate once, but the meal lasted for 6 hours.

Gar Shadowfame:

Happy thanks giving to all of you guys.

Kera foehunter:

Well thanks willmark

I was alone so i didnot have to cook or clean up or do dishes

or watch food ball it was a great day in it self

saved my energy for black friday !! now that a real holiday for Women