[Archive] to slave or not to slave that is the question?


true or false - hobgoblins are NOT slaves ?

true or false - black orcs are NOT slaves ?

you decide


I’m trying to remember the fluff.

I think Hobgoblins are more like serfs than slaves (in other words they’re technically not slaves but in reality there is little difference).

As for Black Orcs, I think most of them fled Zharr Naggrund after the failed uprising didn’t they? In other words any Black Orcs would most likely be “external contractors” rather than slaves (unless the CD were foolish enough to have re-enslaved some Black Orcs after the rebellion).


I see mercenary as the word I would use to describe Black Orcs more then anything else. As far as Hobgoblins go I would imagine CDs could care less what they label hobbos.

Grongi Blackbeard:

:hthe hobbgoblins were slaves, but in one of the greater rebillions they turned against they fellows and thus gained respet from the CDs they are not trusted tho. i imagine they turned to the CDs side because they saw another opurtunity to succeed and still live in they own old lands.:idea if they had continued to fight alongside the other slaves, they would have won indeed, but then they would have to travel away from the dark lands, start completely over again and ofcourse live in a society of being bossed around/eaten by orcs.

as for blorcs i think they were created by chaos dwarf soceres from normal orcs. i imagine that they have no will their own and that sorceres control them by magic. as for taking part of rebillions i think that Black Orcs can tear them selves apart from the sorcerers controling them when they get a call from Gork (or possibly Mork) and then be able to have other to do so.

these are my thoughts:hat off


I tend to think of Roman auxilliary soldiers more than anything else, except to put a more Dawi’zhaar twist on it, the black orcs probablly fight for the wargear and oppertunities for violence that choas dwarfs give them

Kera foehunter:

i think they were not at first. But now they live in fear of the chaos dwarfs.

Uzkul Werit:

The Hobgoblins are the higher class of slave, if that’s even possible. They control the other slaves while the Chaos Dwarfs are off doing important stuff.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I imagine the only thing Chaos Dwarfs do really respect if anything are their fellow Chaos Dwarfs. So even if I tend to think of the Hobgoblins in a formal way as allies, they are still not much more than rank-fillers and cannon fodder for the Dawi Zharr.

I see the Black Orcs rather as mercenaries than real slaves. I mean, how can you enslave a Black Orc? Especially if you’re just a mere 4ft. tall? o.O All other greenskins are slaves to them, Gnoblars, Gobbos, Orcs you name it.


Blorcs = Slaves

Hobs = Servants

Its all in the fluff baby :slight_smile:

- Tallhat


no… the fluff states that both are slaves…

just that some slaves are better than others…


The fluff is contradictory as always

Kera foehunter:

Hobgoblin are higher class slaves?? I feal sorry for the lower class slaves


All��races are slaves to chaos dwarfs if they are foolish enough to be enslaved the others we trade with but i should imagine we would enslave them if we needed to.Hobgoblins are the most untrustworthy so we put them in a position of trust overseeing the other slaves:Dhee hee hee.

Kera foehunter:

so Is that why they are hunchbacked??

Uzkul Werit:

Hobgoblins are hunchbacked because it has evolved over years of backstabbing (literal and figuratively) in their society.

Grongi Blackbeard:


During the height of the largest and most savage Black Orc rebellion the Chaos Dwarfs were almost overcome. Vastly outnumbered by their former slaves they were driven upwards through the layers of their city, fighting for each level, ascending ever closer to the Temple of Hashut itself. At the final hour the city was saved by the treachery of the Hobgoblins, who, having rebelled along with the Black Orcs, switched their allegiance once more and turned the tide against the Orc rebels. In doing so the Hobgoblins earned the enmity of the other green-skinned races who deeply distrust them to this day.

The Hobgoblins enjoy the favor of the Chaos Dwarfs and care little what other greenskins think of them. Unlike the Chaos Dwarfs’ other slaves, they are not made to work in the pits and workshops, but are used as servants and warriors. They are sneaky, evil-minded race; other greenskins despise them and would certainly kill them were it not for the power they enjoy amongst the Chaos Dwarfs.

Hobgoblins are distinctive in appearance. They look much like Goblins, but they are taller, though nowhere near as burly as Orcs. In fact their whole appearance is thin and sneaky, with narrow eyes and sneering mouths full of pointy teeth. They ride giant wolves and often carry bows to shoot the enemy from a distance. The Chaos Dwarfs utilize many Hobgoblins in their armies but don’t really trust them. The Chaos Dwarfs know that the Hobgoblins are despised by other greenskins, and need the protection of the Chaos Dwarfs to survive.



Stooping,cowering and fawning rubbing there hands like Smee (Charles Dickens character):hat

Kera foehunter:

Bravo Gorngi!! thanks for that link.