[Archive] Tomb Kings Site Under Renovation


I’ve recently been added to the staff over there, in order to help with restoring the site.

It was in bad shape, if you were they in the last week… I don’t know when it happened, but they lost a lot of their formatting and everything. So I asked to help with the code, and I’ve gotten it looking a bit better again. Some work still needs to be done, but we’re getting there.

So please check out the site, post, and get the word out to any Tomb King playing friends. I’d like to see that site up and running again, and I have made this a bit of my spring/summer mission.

So let’s see what you can do!

Link: http://z4.invisionfree.com/Khemri/index.php?act=idx


Wow. You are doing such a good thing.

It’s nice to know there are people out there who will give the time and effort to fix things.

Makes me glad to think if it were ever to happen to us we’d rally and get the site up and running again (Wilmark is awesome for taking on this site when Xander couldn’t keep up with it all for the same reason)

I’d give heaps of feed back but I’m sure you have already noticed things yourself or have had someone say something. My only idea is to make the text either larger (esp in the index) or a little bolder. Also try to make the index ‘forum’ space a little smaller or just do as you are trying to do and re-add the lines. It all makes for easier reading.

On the whole it’s a whole lot easier to read the posts themselves now. I will definately follow it as you flesh it out in the next few months, who knows i might even get interested in an army thats not CD :o

Pyro Stick:

Wow havent visited that forum in ages. I might start to frequent it again with the upcoming Tomb King models. They were my first army and im dissapointed that ive amassed 3000+ points worth and didnt even finish hlaf of them before they were rereleased…


Have you figured out why the site lost formatting?  That is fairly serious.  It may be worth checking when the system was last updated, as it may tie in.

Looks fairly solid to me, and I love the logo.  Very classy.

There is only one criticism I have, I’d probably put the basic font up 1 pt. On the background it is, it may just be me but the text is not as clear as it could be.


I’ve done some more updates to the site since I started this thread, I’ll do a couple tiny things yet tonight.

I’ve changed some of the markers too.

Saturday I’ll probably edit some of the icons (IE: “Post Reply” “New Topic” etc)

What do you guys think so far? I think I’ve made quite the change from what it was like at the beginning of the week.

Time of Madness:

I actually use to visit that place a lot, haven’t been there in months.

Looking great!

Time of Madness


Awesome you changed the font size in the index and the lines in between posts are in very cool making it graphic rather than just a line. Makes it so much easier to read. Much better.

It would be nice to have posts themselves either in a lighter background colour or a nice light (easier to read) version of the main site background. The solid colour breaks it up a bit too much, but I can definately see what you have been up to and no doubt you will probably come up with a totally new background as the rebuild goes on. Good work

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks awesome so far Swiss!

I’m not too interested in regestering on the site, but maybe you could post the links to these Tomb Kings “How To” videos for me. I filmed them when I built a friend’s Tomb Kings models for him.






@Tarakk I could probably do that, yes.

However, the more important news. Thanks to a generous donation form Willmark, the TK site will be moving to a new URL. It will be the same forum, just a different URL. That way all the old data isn’t lost.

The new url is: http://www.tomb-kings.net

Right now it simply redirects to the site that they have been on for a while. I’m not doing the move just yet, as I want the members to be able to read the news and update their bookmarks and such.

We’re getting there folks! Now to just get more people to visit.


All right, www.tomb-kings.net is officially working on its own!

All ye shall tremble as the Tomb Kings of Khemri are reawakening! :wink:


All ye shall tremble as the Tomb Kings of Khemri are reawakening! ;)

hehehehe living up to TK hype then.

Everytime you post you remind me to have a look. Kudos to all the work done so far. I look forward to when it's all up and running the way you would like. I'd say finished but is that even possible on web sites they are constantly evolving?


That is a nice looking forum.