[Archive] Top 10 most popular Golden Hat entries


Collectively the most popular entries as voted for by all of you.  This is the % of the total votes that each entry got:

1.  al-hashut   63%   Golden Hat 4

2.  grom   59%   Golden Hat 1

3.  Ishkur Cinderhat   56%  Golden Hat 3

4.  Warplock Monkey   47%   Golden Hat 7

5.  Angryboy2K   43%   Golden Hat 2

6.  Arashi   30%   Golden Hat 2

7.  M3lvin   30%  Golden Hat 10

8.  Grimstonefire   29%   Golden Hat 4

9.  GRNDL   26%  Golden Hat 7

10.  Snotling   26%  Golden Hat 3

Check them all out here

I think it is interesting that only 3 are fairly recent, it shows that the competition must be a lot more fierce now to get votes (considering there are a lot more entries).


Incase anyone is interested:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Wish i made that list.


Wow, great statistics!

I won the Golden Hat in the third ever largest Golden Hat! Cooool :smiley: and bronze in the 2nd ever!

compliments to M3lvin and Ishkur able to win the lagest ever Golden Hats :smiley:


It’s not possiable to compare these. GH 1-4 and 7 only allowed you to vote for a single entry. The others had a “vote for your favorite 3” rule. So, in GH with a single vote the winner could (in theroy) have 100% of the votes - but with the 3 vote system a an entry that had a vote from everybody could have a maximum of 33 1/3%.



True, still interesting to see which entries were the most popular regardless of the voting method.


Yes, but you cant really use it for anything - and especially not make the conclusion you did.

Actually, M3lvin GH X entry (your 7th place) had a vote from nearly 90% of the people that voted - now thats quite an achievement and should rank him very near “the top”


That is probably a fairer way to do it, as it would allow a meaningful comparison with the earlier ones.  I will have a look at that and see how it changes.

(Edit)  This is based on the maximum % each person could possibly achieve.

To get onto this list once is an achievement in itself, so especially well done to M3lvin, Bassman and Snotling.

1  M3lvin 89%  Golden Hat 10

2  Bassman 75%  Golden Hat 9

3  al-hashut  63%  Golden Hat 4

4  Grimstonefire  62%  Golden Hat 5

5  grom 59%  Golden Hat 1

6  M3lvin 57%  Golden Hat 11

7  Snotling  56%  Golden Hat 11

8  Ishkur Cinderhat 56%  Golden Hat 3

9  Bassman 54%  Golden Hat 10

10  Obsidian 50%  Golden Hat 6

10  Snotling  50%  Golden Hat 6

Incidently, Ishkur also holds the record for the lowest % required for Gold, 39% in first round of GH #8 (that was the warmachine one, which was rediculously competitive)! :wink: I know we went to 2 rounds, but it could have been decided in 1 (as we did with GH 11).

Da Crusha:

aww these statistics are much better, I see al-hashut was bumped down to 3rd.

thanks for the effort Grim.


I still find it hard seeing your statistical obuse :smiley: (that’s what comes from working with these things every day) - but never mind - I agree, it really an acheivement hitting that list - unless you have entered a GH with just a single entry :wink:


2  Bassman 75%  Golden Hat 9

lol , this is definitely a better way to see things :)

Jockes a part, I think it's not so important how many people voted for you in percentage but how many entries. As a matter of fact winning the warmachine Golden hat was probably the best result ever..... and the lower percentage means a tougher competition. Son Ishkur shall be realy proud of it!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

As a matter of fact winning the warmachine Golden hat was probably the best result ever..... and the lower percentage means a tougher competition. Son Ishkur shall be realy proud of it!

Actually I'm very proud of each contest where I was able to make it into the top 3. :hat off I seem to remember that the warmachine GH also was quite a close one in the end. But then again nothing can prevail before the Shatterer Beast! LOL


Ahem, Shatterer Beast? Isn’t that the one that got broken…???

So, something can prevail before it, apparently…