[Archive] Topic of August/September 2010: Using Daemons as CDs

Hashut’s Blessing:

This month, we�?Tre discussing the merits and pitfalls of using the rules from the Daemons of Chaos army book to represent a Chaos Dwarf army, whether in the guise of daemonically bound armour and weapons or to represent the actual units. Also, discussion of how to go about modelling such an army and which models should/could be used for which units is anticipated and expected. Alongside this, topics of other armies being able to be used to be represented by Chaos Dwarf models is likely start. A few such armies to bear in mind that have already been discussed are: Warriors of Chaos, Dwarfs, The Empire, Dogs of War and Orcs & Goblins.

As you will hear in the podcast, some ideas already zipping about. If you’re struggling, you can start off by chatting about what we did there and expand upon it (as I’d have loved to do, but didn;t want it to drag out for you all).


first thing i got into my mind upon seeing the deamon prince i got the idea of sculting gs

to make a helm a flamer and a few bitz and make a fire golem : ]


Here is a list of unit which I thing may work for count as:

Sneaky gits > Deamonettes

Inferno golems > Blood crushers

CD warriors > Blood letters or Plague bearers

Blunderbusses > Pink horrors

Lord on Taurus > Bloodthirster

Sorcerer on Lammasu > Lord of Change


Think you’ll need to plug these then :smiley:

Base 1 Conversion Trays from Battlezone Miniatures - Battlezone Miniatures

Or something similar.


That’s awesome, man!


CD-as-WoC, here I come!


Think you'll need to plug these then :D

Or something similar.

Yes, those movement trays are ideal for this... and saves a lot of time measuring and making your own with plasticard and sprue frames ;) Great find clam...


Don’t thank me, thank Ubertechie. It was him that guided me to those - when I was think of using my dwarfs as WoC.


I made my own using cardboard, much easier than sprue bits (and easier to get hold of too)


I made my own using cardboard, much easier than sprue bits (and easier to get hold of too)

Pics? How-to/tutorial?


Not much to it, I just took a regular movement tray, cut strips of thick card to the right thickness (5mm to make up the difference between 20mm and 25mm) and glued them on. Never actually used them in a battle yet.


I’d say DoC weren’t a particularly good fit myself - no war machines, no ranked up missile troops, very few proper armour saves, wrong base sizes (although the trays could sort that), high move and low toughness all count against them.

In all I’d say we’re chaos dwarfs, and we should play like it. If you want to use DoC rules, get a daemon army :stuck_out_tongue:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Hahaha, good points AGPO, but things can always be worked around :smiley: Warmachines can be things like flamers too or if you don’t care about ranged attacks from them, can be Beasts of Nurgle/Fiends of Slaanesh/Bloodcrushers/Screamers etc :smiley:

Horrors can be ranked (magic) missile troops.

Armour saves are upgraded to Ward Saves :wink:

Base sizes is a fair point, but Dwarfs are stocky, so why shouldn’t they be on 25mm, lol :smiley:

High move: IMO, the biggest problem. With the bloodletters, I can’t explain it, with daemonettes, it’s the drugs :smiley:

Low Toughness is countered by improved armour. Some of their resilience to blows is sapped, but it increases the armour’s resilience to them (Strength reduces armour save because the armour finds it difficult to resist, see?).

Still, to each their own :smiley:


Yeah, but I still think you’re better going for WoC or Dwarfs myself.