[Archive] Torturer as a Hero?


The discussion on GH6 got me thinking about this character generally.

Would a Torturer be a decent Hero level character?  He could cause Fear, and have a Slavemaster special rule or two (scout for instance).

It would help to convey the slavers theme a lot.

That would bring the count of heroes to apprx 5 (using the ones below).

Despot (CD hero)


Arcane Engineer

Hobgoblin Khan/ Priest



hmmmm, sounds good, perhaps not scout as I thats the skill of sneaky folk, not guys with big whips and spiky armour

for slavemaster, perhaps he can count as the general to slaves within 6"…or negate hobbo animosity

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I can see a torturer in a Mordheim warband where he is looking for slaves, but less as an officer commanding troops in an army.


I agree with Ishkur - the Torturer/Gaoler/Slaver is more likely to turn up as a unit champion (say, leading Chaos Dwarf Warriors) than a hero. A hero Gaoler would likely be insufficiently distinguishable from the Despot.

However, a magic item (Gaoler’s Whip of Chains? Gaoler’s Orc-hide Whip? Gaoler’s Mask?) could add character to a Despot.


I’ve come up with my motivation for making one. I plan to create a new hero called a Priest of Hashut, which (using my fluff) will be from the Cult of Subjugation.

So he can be a torturer priest (or a second sorcerer).


sweet, tortouror priest, sounds very nice there

maybe the mask as a sorcerer only item, not as a hero