[Archive] Toumas' Playtest

Ancient History:

Figured we’d avoid cluttering up the other thread.

Alchemagi have a strong Dwarf Master Engineer feel to him, though the Slave Experiments bit reminds me of a couple of the Chaos medics in Warhammer 40k, mechanics wise.

Hobgoblins still have the lap-around, I notice.

Interesting to note that the Lammassu’s sorcerous exhalation would have meant even casting a booster spell on the mount/rider could have been dispelled.

Hmm. Golems.

Damn, no Chaos Dwarf Magic.

Pyro Stick:

Damn, no Chaos Dwarf Magic.

Ancient History
Well since the playtest book uses basically the same rules as the proper army book, i would assume that the same magic was going to be used.


Also don’t forget that magic came in a separate supplement at the time. :wink: