[Archive] Tournament after action review: Kenosha, WI 1,000 points Warhammer


Yep, that’s me in the hat.

I’m glad a friend and I traveled a bunch the night before to get to my folks place, as four inches of snow dropped that night. The next morning I carpooled in. We were the Car of Chaos two Chaos Mortals (Slaanesh and a Nurgle), and Chaos Dwarfs.

My list:

Chaos Dwarf Hero
Heavy Armor, Enchanted Shield

Chaos Dwarf Hero
Talisman of Protection
Armor of Gazrakh

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

19 Chaos Dwarf Warriors
Bnr, Mu

19 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

Earth shaker

14 blunderbuss.

A few people didn’t show due to weahter, but we had 10 people total. Not bad for a new tournament, during annoying weather.

There were My Chaos Dwarfs, another Chaos Dwarf, Nurgle Mortals, Slaanesh Mortals, 1 Chaos Demons, 1 Wood Elf, 1 Southlands Lizardmen, 1 Dwarf, and 1 VC.

For pics and such: Thread on the WI forums

Game 1: vs Dave Bednarek’s Dwarfs

He has two crossbow units, a unit of hammerers, a warrior unit, a bolt thrower, and a thane if memory serves correctly.

Once I saw him coming I hoped he brought his Dwarfs, I challenged him the night before for a CD vs D battle, and because he is a great person to play against.

The scenario: on the two side board edges in the middle a token was placed. Holding these was the objective.

On my left there was a river, we decided rough. The token was on the other side. I figured that with both of us having M3, I’ll cede that to him. The other one I decided had to be mine.

I placed my earth shaker behind a hill, as it was out of the deployment zone. First turn I had to move it up. I put my two blocks a little to the right of the center, and my blunderbuss on my far right.

Earth shaker helped out keeping his units from advancing to get the one on my right, and/or shutting down shooting as he had crossbows across from my Blunderbuss. Blunderbuss did a nice job of holding the marker for a while, shooting the heck out of the hammerer unit… eventuall bringing them to two figs and the character! My two blocks moved to incercept his infantry. My one unit got flank charged, but I held out thanks to BSB I believe. The other unit flank charged the Dwarf unit and I popped/caught them. BSB unit over-ran into the side of hammerers and could only hit the character.  I made the mistake of not quickly charging blunderbuss in to kill the remaining figs in the unit, as he kept making stubborn checks and whitteling BSB unit.

Earth shaker, and my lvl 1 hurling fireballs helped on the one crossbow unit (I got them down to 5), and did mild damage to the other crossbow unit. However once I finally charged my blunderbuss in, his crossbows moved in and claimed objective (if only I had killed 1 more!).

In the end, I did achieve a minor victory for the sheer damage I did. However, because I didn’t move the blunderbuss early enough, and they had moved up he got the big objective points.

My favorite game of the day, as Dave’s a fun opponent and skilled player too.

Game 2 vs VC

This guy had two beefy blocks of skeletons, and unit of (I think 4) wraits plus a banshee. Two vampires, both with Lord of Dead. He deployed on the other side of a forest away from my stuff. The sheer amount of magic, and the fact I had almost no magical attacks aside from fireballs which he always dispelled hurt bigtime. I had put out my blunderboss and sorc out across from him hoping the shooting style and fireball would take care of things. I was hoping to use the shock value of Blunderbuss to keep him more at bay, and the sheer number of hits to reduce the skeletons. However this was worked only mildly, and he ran me over like a dump truck runs over a field mouse.

CDs Massacred.

Game 3: vs Brad P’s Wood Elves

This opponent had faced me before and knew the Earthshaker was a dire threat to him. Especially since the scenario gave bonus points to getting into the opponents deployment zone. Once he put his free woods in the middle I knew I couldn’t make it to his. HE rather effectivly avoided the shaker with his two units of Dryads. I was primarily firing them at his treeman and wardancers. Blunderbuss really were moving around a lot and were slowy blastling one unit of dryads. Eventually the earthshaker, accidentally over guessed the range to a his caster… and it rebounded back 4 or 6" on top of her (with the hole). I rolled a 5 on d3 wounds. So that eliminated her. Still I only got one fireball off on the Dryads, but it helped. Treeman and General’s block end up in combat. I did some small damage to the Treeman over the last couple combats, I did enough damage to get some points He killed my general. (Note: This is where I missed Black Hammer of Hashut).

In the end, because all more Core was in better shape I got objective points for that, he got some for having some stuff in my deployment zone if memory serves correctly. I got a minor vic, and more objective points.

Cool loot: For myself I found a blister of Hobgoblin archers in the store (yay!), and the overall champ (the demon player) shared his winnings with Grond and me. I got the new Nurgle sorc to use as my Herald BSB.

Great tournament, lots of fun, and very relaxing.