[Archive] Tournament in late January WAAGHPACA (Waupaca, WI, USA)


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WAAAGH! Paca is the bastard offspring of the Point winter tourney (RIP) and is hopefully the first of an annual gaming event. The goal of this tournament is to hang out with friends and have fun gaming while not taking ourselves too seriously (as evidenced by the Manliest Mustache competition, see below).

Prize support will be another unique aspect, the overall winner will be taking home a 1/4 scale, functional goblin spear chukka! Expect other unique prizes all around, hopefully nobody will go home looking to list their prizes on eBay ASAP.

General Info-

January 30-31st @ the Waupaca Alehouse in Waupaca, WI

Five games, three Saturday and two Sunday… you know the drill

40$ entry fee/ 45$ if paid after January 1st

50 spaces available

Hotel Rooms available at Comfort Suites-(715) 942-0500, mention the Waupaca Warhammer Tournament to get the block rate- 80$ (plus tax) a night

Must be 18 years of age or older to participate



Bring an objective marker on a 40mm base and a messenger/ diplomat model on any base smaller than 50x50mm in addition to your list. Bring a messenger/ diplomat model with a mustache added or enhanced (just using a model that already has one doesn’t cut it) and get 2 bonus points!

Special characters are allowed

Armies must be painted to a three minimum color standard

GW models are not necessary, though WYSIWYG will be in effect

7th edition rules and all army books released prior to January 1st 2010 will be used

DOW and Chaos Dwarves lists will be allowed using the .pdf files previously available from the GW website

DOW will be allowed in other armies according to the .pdf chart previously available from the GW website, though non-DOW armies are limited to 1 regiment of renown selection

Storm of Chaos armies will not be allowed

Rhinox riders will be allowed only in Ogre Kingdoms and DOW armies

All other experimental, trial or optional rules will not be allowed


Armies will be rated on a scale of 0-10 for composition by the tournament organizers

Composition will be factored into the Battle point score

Each major category is worth 30 points, they are Battle points; Sportsmanship and Appearance

2 points will be awarded for paying by January 1st

1 point will be awarded for getting your army list in by January 16th

1 point will be awarded for participating in the mustache contest

1 point will be awarded for bringing a mustachioed messenger

1 point will be awarded for each score sheet turned in within 10 minutes of a round ending

Up to 100 possible points can be earned for your final score


Best Overall = best total score

Best General = best battle points score

Best Sportsman = best sportsmanship score

Best Army = best appearance score

Players choice = voted for by all the attendees

The Silver Pumpkin Award goes to best overall runner up (can be won in addition to one of the above awards)

The Joe Rodgers Certificate of Achievement goes to the the player who delivers the most thorough beating of the tournament

The Chauffeur Award goes to the guy driving home with the most awards in his vehicle, none of which he won himself… uh… other than this one

The Green Medallion of Shame goes to the recipient of the poorest battle point score of the tournament

Manliest Mustache Competition-

There will be a mustache competition on Saturday to make sure no one takes themselves too seriously! The judging and awards will take place after game three on Saturday evening. Those who chose to participate will be awarded 3 bonus points! Even those who cannot grow a mustache for some reason (be it genetic, professional or romantic) are encouraged to participate with some sort of creative solution.

Mustache Awards-

The Manliest Mustache Award

The Handsomely Hirsute Award

The Creative Cookie Duster Award (specifically for those who must resort to artificial means to participate)

The Peachfuzz Award