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Hey, I just started up on here, I threw some of my work on the conversion area of the forums, and I was hoping for a tiny bit more help. My main focus on assembly right now is to gear up for a tournament near the end of march. I have a list I believe I can assemble but I would like ideas on if i should try and get other stuff done instead, or change my gear.

Tournament is using swedish comp system. Armies must fall within 10-15 on the swedish comp system.


Sorc-Prophet: Lv 4 Lore of Metal, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation, Healing potion.


Castellan: BSB, Great Weapon, Armour of Bazherak, Dawnstone

Bull Centaur Taur’ruk: Great weapon, Dragon Helm, Opal Amulet, Potion of Strength

Daemonsmith: Level 1 fire, dispel scroll


22 Infernal Guard: Hand weapon/Shield Razor Standard

60 Hobgoblin Cutthroats: Handweapon/Shield


5 Bull Centaurs: Full Command, Shields, War Banner

2 Magma Cannons


5 Wolf Riders: No upgrades

Chaos Siege Giant: Rune of Hate

Puts me at 2498 points

and 12.9 on the comp.

Any ideas? I had a list using a k’dai but thats not gonna fit into a comp list any time soon so I swapped out for the siege giant.


i my opinion i would field less hero and lords and more troops

i would get rid of the centaur taur’ruk and daemon smith and maybe the giant and add 2 fireglaive or blunderbuss unit to protect the flanks or to flank large units and to provide more ranged fire


i would love to, but assembling infantry takes way longer that i probably have time for. As it stands the only things on that list i need to assemble are the wolf riders. If i go adding in a bunch of infantry I will have to build them.

I tend to lean towards the fireglaive over the blunderbuss and as such have started making those. Having never played a full game with CD I really have no idea whats actually more effective on the table.


Also the giant is 300 points for a .5 score on the comp system lol its hard to beat that way. I was really struggling to keep the list soft. Lore of metal is there because hashut is 1.2 points worth of comp ugh.

My original list had a kdai… which is 7 points… bleh so lame.

I may try and drop out a magma cannon and shrink the goblin unit to try and get another unit of IG with great weapons, since the wolves should be done by monday.

Also ive noticed people using a Khan on wolf, anyone have experience on if he makes a better redirector than the wolf riders? Asuming you have room in your hero points.


A khan doesn’t have to take an animosity check, and has a higher Ld if I’m not mistaken.

I never give my hobgobs shields. I give them a second hw instead. That’s also cheaper… I think… don’t have the book with me here, but for 1/2point, you can’t go wrong :slight_smile:

I’ve never been too fond of giants, but that’s up to personal taste I guess.

2 magma cannons are great, but if you dump one for points, take a deathshrieker instead. the large s3 template, combined with an auto panic check is a killer against low T, low AS units such as marauders, everything elven or empire… or skaven… or…

What’s this point-system you’re reffering to? Are there some things you’re not allowed to take?


nice BC Taruk.

what the heck does he need a potion of strength for!?

If S7 isn’t enough, we have problems. Do you play a lot of sphinxes ?


Tournament is Swedish Comp, you can google it. Basically you build an army, then take 300 points, subtracting values for each thing in your list based on the hardness of it. Harder things are worth more. Your final result is divided by 10 and thats your score. For this tournament all lists must fall between 10 and 15 points… the k’dai destroyer is worth 70, or 7 on the final score… its tough to fit him in lol.

The goblins shields are the same price as the xhw. I was planning on running them as a bus, nice point denial anvil that will never lose steadfast unless i do something very stupid. Lore of metal can mean a 4 up AS and turn them into a real tarpit. Course +1 to hit and 40 attacks in horde is nothing to scoff at either… or +2 to hit with animosity and metal :smiley:

I hate the giant too, but again, im being pinned in comp, Id swap him for a hell cannon but that moves my list from 12, to 9 and wouldnt be valid for the tournament.

As for the taruk, theres at least one tomb king player, at least 2 ogre players, and probably an orc player. I wanted to be able to crush monsters. That and he used to have my crown of command, but that item is also costly in comp and moves my list into illegal. Open to suggestions for what i could take instead. Suppose I could drop the opal and the potion of strength and go Ogre blade with luckstone.


I checked the comp points and if I made no mistake, your list value is 14.7. (See above for the detail)

It’s almost too weak !

I think you can find a way to add a Destroyer. It’s value is not 7 points (70/10) but 4,6 : 70 is for a base of 300 initial points. The comp score is 20, so you have to reduce the 70 : 70*20/300.

So a Destroyer will, in the end, really cost you 4.6 points (on the 20 points base).

Here is the detail if someone see if I did a mistake :

21 : Lord

8 : Lvl 4

15 : Castellan

10 : BSB

11 : Taur’ruk

5 : Daemonsmith

10 : Infernal Guard

10 : Hobgoblin

11 : Centaurs

36 : Magma canons

3 : Wolf Riders

7 : Giant + Hate Rune

6 : War Machine points

Total : 153.

(300-153)/10 = 14.7


What version of the comp did you check it to? I checked it against 1.6.1 i think.

Dispel scroll -7

and the goblins cost me 28 not 10 i wish lol. If I could find the time to tone it back to 45 goblins that would cut out 20 of those points there, but puts me short on core. Could add a 10 man unit of fireglaives but that throws me around 2600 points lol. Why does math have to hate me so! Im gonna rework it over the weekend and see where I can wiggle.


I also used 1.6.1, but I forget the dispel scroll and I misread the hobgobs rule, so yeah, your score comp goes to 12.2

I think the hobgobs cost to much comp points, it’s harsh to spend as many points in slaves than in the general…


Well I played a trial game with this against an uncomped Vamp Count army, and It was a massacre by turn 4. The goblins sat with some vargheists from turn 2 on, the giant nearly died to 2 fell bats because it fell over, my bulls fled from grave guard and a spirit host in the flank but got away.

However my IG cleaned up everything they touched with the help of goblins/bulls, magma cannons did 15-20 casualties a turn and I had almost 30 goblins alive by the end of the game. Giant came through finally crushing a bunker but… big whoop there he had better kill skellies.

Im still not entirely convinced. I think the goblin unit is too big, if i drop it to 45 its still a great anvil and saves me a a tonne of comp. I could drop the giant since hes a huge liability but im not sure where I would make up the points without going way over on comp and not having to proxy weird models. Id consider an iron daemon except it seems so easy to avoid. Any feedback on it?


Victory to Hashut yesterday! 2 20-0 massacres secured my victory and an 11-9 victory against empire in the final game was just icing on the cake.

The goblins were the mvp of every game, first securing the watchtower and holding it indefinately, secondly staying steadfast against an entire ogre army assault basically before dwarves and bulls could support in flanks and rears. Against empire my bulls got caught up with the steamtank and never did a single wound in 4 full turns of combat, but the taruk survived, goblins just walked through all the war machines and chaff gobbling up points everywhere!